Me and My Piano

Hello all!

If there is one musical instrument that I love so much, it has to be the Piano! I initially started learning on a Yamaha keyboard before progressing on to the Piano. I am generally always happier when being surrounded by Music: whether it is Western Music or English Music, nothing beats listening to it just my favourite songs! The Piano was the one instrument I really wanted to learn. It has great depth, versatility and flexibility in its sound. However, I am much more of a player rather than a ‘composer’. Composing is an area that I have not yet experienced (except only once during my GCSE in Music!)

I started having piano lessons on the ABRSM examination board also progressing with Grade 6 Music Theory. I feel truly blessed to be able to read and write Music. One of the richest languages that holds a million feelings and emotions! I was able to learn the piano up til Grade 7. The highest Grade one can achieve is Grade 8 – but learning this grade also requires immense time and dedication which is something I do not have as of yet.

I have lots of musical ideas planned for this blog so stay tuned!

Keep listening to Music!

Jem ;o)

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