My latest Piano solo ‘Baarish’ from Yaariyan

Hello all!

Time to share my latest piano solo which is the melodious ‘Baarish’ from the Bollywood movie Yaariyan. Honestly speaking, I was not a fan of the film or its soundtrack entirely, but the song ‘Baarish’ grew on me over time. I love to surf YouTube and one fine day, I stumbled across pianist Dhruv Gandhi’s YouTube channel which features a host of Bollywood songs one can learn to play on the piano. (Finding this channel has been a blessing for me!)

I was naturally taken aback by how awesome ‘Baarish’ sounds on the piano and therefore, I decided to learn Dhruv’s transcribed version

While learning to play the song, I fell in and out of love with it multiple times (!) before I decided to get my head down and stay focused and finish learning it. I also feel very proud of the fact that this is now my third full piano solo that I have learnt on my own, without any direct aid from a piano teacher thus putting my own Grade 7 ABRSM knowledge to the test!

Hope you will enjoy my Piano solo of ‘Baarish’. Ā Original song credits go to composer Mithoon Sharma and credits to pianist Dhruv Gandhi for transcribing the song.

Jem :o)

Music and Social Media

Music and Social Media

For the last (at least 5 years), the rise of Social Media has most certainly changed the way we look at, listen to and enjoy Music. Talking predominantly about the Bollywood Music industry Social Media, has bought many positive and negative sides of the current state of the industry to light.

There has definitely been an increase of ‘artist feuds’ on social networking sites such as twitter. Top names such as Sona Mohapatra, Arjun Artist, Kanika Kapoor and Dr Zeus have been involved in Music related spats. The most common reason between all of the spats is either due to credits being given or not given to the concerned artists. You can blame the record companies for these misunderstandings.

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My latest Piano solo ‘Baaton Ko Teri’ from All is Well

Hello all!

I am back with a quick blog post to update you on my latest Piano solo recording, which is the beautiful ‘Baaton Ko Teri’ from All is Well (Bollywood genre. Original music by Himesh Reshammiya).

I recorded this song on a Saturday, (about 2 weeks ago) after learning the song in just under a week. The multi talented Music Director and of course, my favourite (!) Himeshji, has given us such a simple, yet soulful and emotional song. This is the first time that Himeshji has recorded with Arijit and naturally, they have gelled their talents together exceptionally well.

My Baaton Ko Teri Piano Solo

In this Piano solo, I had learnt the song ‘by ear’ – this means that I am initially playing the song just from listening to the original and not from any pre written sheet Music (please note: throughout my blog, the word Music will be written with a capital M. This is not a grammatical error but a decision of choice to give importance to the greatest sound in the world). I do hope to be learning a sheet Music version of the song in the future.

I have tried my best to incorporate a lot of feelings into this recording, in order to match the emotions felt from the lyrics in the original. Originally, I am a Western Classical pianist (Bach, Mozart etc) so adding feelings to what I am playing is something that I am learning day-by-day from the genre of Bollywood Music.


A Music review is not a personal Angst review

A Music review is not a personal Angst review

As a huge Music lover, I often cannot help but read a music review of a Bollywood album that has released. Many a time, reading a music review has not only left me disappointed, but also frustrated at the writer who has more often than not, written something out of pure anger instead of simply giving their opinion about the soundtrack itself.

We already live in a world that is full of hatred and negativity, and when one has the power to hold a pen and give a view, why does one need to be so nasty?! It is very easy to simply say ‘I didn’t like this song because…’ without drawing ridiculous song comparisons between previous works of the composer/or making it very clear to the reader how much you “hate” this composer/singer. (Note: Hate is a very strong word!)

I have read Music reviews that have not only been negatively biased towards one composer, but make you think that the reviewer did not even listen to the song in question due to their pre bias. That is just far too much angst!

So, next time you are fortunate enough to write a Music review, while you hold the pen (or iPad in most cases!) no matter how much you dislike a song on the album, just remember that there is no need to be so nasty with your written words. Whether or not, we like the end product, a lot of hard work goes into creating an album. It is very easy to listen to a song and for it to be over in the next 5 minutes, but do keep in mind the many decisions that were made for each second/word of that song, next time you listen. Learn to appreciate without unnecessary angst. Words hurt.