A Music review is not a personal Angst review

A Music review is not a personal Angst review

As a huge Music lover, I often cannot help but read a music review of a Bollywood album that has released. Many a time, reading a music review has not only left me disappointed, but also frustrated at the writer who has more often than not, written something out of pure anger instead of simply giving their opinion about the soundtrack itself.

We already live in a world that is full of hatred and negativity, and when one has the power to hold a pen and give a view, why does one need to be so nasty?! It is very easy to simply say ‘I didn’t like this song because…’ without drawing ridiculous song comparisons between previous works of the composer/or making it very clear to the reader how much you “hate” this composer/singer. (Note: Hate is a very strong word!)

I have read Music reviews that have not only been negatively biased towards one composer, but make you think that the reviewer did not even listen to the song in question due to their pre bias. That is just far too much angst!

So, next time you are fortunate enough to write a Music review, while you hold the pen (or iPad in most cases!) no matter how much you dislike a song on the album, just remember that there is no need to be so nasty with your written words. Whether or not, we like the end product, a lot of hard work goes into creating an album. It is very easy to listen to a song and for it to be over in the next 5 minutes, but do keep in mind the many decisions that were made for each second/word of that song, next time you listen. Learn to appreciate without unnecessary angst. Words hurt.

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