Music and Social Media

For the last (at least 5 years), the rise of Social Media has most certainly changed the way we look at, listen to and enjoy Music.

There has definitely been an increase of ‘artist feuds’ on social networking sites such as twitter. The most common reason between all of the spats is either due to credits being given or not given to the concerned artists. You can blame the record companies for these misunderstandings.

We live in a world where a normal teenager, may not even recoginse what a Music CD looks like, nor even care about the information that it holds. The information on a CD was so important, as not only did it provide artist and song detail, but it also gave lyrical information and sometimes the artists own thoughts behind why and how the album was conceived. Reading a CD was the kind of ‘book’ I personally loved to read whilst growing up as a child!

Sadly, with the increase of the digital age and downloading Music (illegally and for free) CDs have literally been wiped out and therefore, so has the important information that went with it. This is why artists have taken to twitter to vent out their frustrations (often at the wrong person).

How about turning Social Media into a positive for Music? Why is it not possible to also present such important CD information online? Only the record companies can answer this! It would be advisable for them to not only tweet full track listing details, but also share them at their ‘Facebook’ pages too! Once people have access to the important information, will it then sink in and maybe Musicians/Singers/Lyricists will regain the respect they so deserve. Another social media positive is the instant views/retweets/shares that a song receives online once it has released. Record companies really need to work together with the artists instead of simply “using” their talents.

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