My favourite Music of 2015: Part 2 ~ SANAM

Side note: There has been a delay in writing this next post as I have been pretty busy, unwell and also lucky enough to interview one of my favourite singers Jonita Gandhi for BollySpice!

Continuing with my discussion of my favourite music of 2015, my next big find in Music are the band ‘SANAM’. I have been aware of them for the past 2 years or so but they finally found a fan in me this year, thanks to their epic rock cover of the Bollywood classic ‘Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi’. The electrical guitar rifts from Samar (and Venky) are literally on point of excellence in this rendition! After that, there was no looking back as I continued to enjoy each and every one of their ‘SANAM singles’.

The band ‘SANAM’ (previously known as SQS supastars) comprises of brothers Sanam and Samar Puri, bass guitarist Venky S and drummer Keshav Dhanraj. They have released numerous Bollywood covers exclusively at YouTube and have gained an ever increasing popularity through them. I now look forward to their forthcoming singles, as they provide a great makeover of Bollywood Music SANAM style!

One thing I love the most about watching their videos, is seeing the ‘actor’ in lead singer Sanam Puri, literally come alive on screen. It is such an endearing quality and it truly adds to his charm whilst he is performing. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

Sharing my top 4 ‘SANAM’ favourites below:

1) Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi

2) Aap Ki Nazaron Ne Samjha

3) Main Hoon – Spiderman 2

4) O Mere Dil Ke Chain

5) Hum Bewafa Harghiz Na Thay

and I also love their own composition ‘Teri Aankhon Se’ ft the lovely Jonita Gandhi (Acoustic version)

Let me know in the comments below, if you are also a fan of the group like me and don’t forget to share with me, your favourite covers of the band!

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