My favourite Music of 2015: Part 3 ~ Emeli Sande/The Corrs

Favourite Music of 2015 Part 3: Emeli Sande/The Corrs

After not listening to much Western Music at all (especially not over the last 5 years or so), I finally fell in love with its diverse sound again this year, in the form of Emeli Sande’s (now 3 year old album!) ‘Our Version of Events’. After a very long time, I found a female artist who has both strength and power not just in her voice, but also in her music! My last favourite female artist of this kind, was Alicia Keys and now it is Emeli!

The album ‘Our Version of Events’ is not only lyrically rich, but also covers a wide range of music genres, as well as emotions (that nearly every female can relate to). My most favourite track of the album is ‘Mountains’, followed very closely by the first track ‘Heaven’ which I personally feel has a perfect sound in every phrase. There are not many artists who put 19 of their songs on one album but I can definitely say, that not one of the 19 tracks is weak! This is a highly recommended album from my side! My Top 5 from ‘Our Version of Events’ 1) Mountains 2) Heaven 3) My Kind of Love 4) Read All About It 5)Breaking the Law.

Recently, I was ecstatic to hear that my favourite band of the 1990’s The Corrs are back, and also have a new album ‘White Light’ which is releasing at the end of this month! It is always a sad moment for any Music lover when their favourite band splits up! I loved watching their first performance since 10 years, at London’s Hyde Park singing all their super hit songs ‘Runaway’, ‘Breathless’, ‘Dreams’and many more!

I have also enjoyed listening to Anastacia’s new album ‘Reserruction’ (aptly titled as she recovered from breast cancer for the second time. She is a legend!)

If you regularly listen to Western Music, I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

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