Interviewing upcoming Music artists

I have been very fortunate enough to get to know some wonderful upcoming and talented Musicians, through my ‘online life’. During my time, I have interviewed a wide range of artists and more recently, I decided to interview my good friend and India’s first female DJ, Kary Arora, once again.

I first interviewed Kary back in 2012 at the fansite when she had remixed ‘Ishq Main Ruswaa’ for the Bollywood film Dangerous Ishhq. I had a lovely catch-up with her recently (with regards to her latest song ‘Tinko Ke Sahare’ for the forthcoming film ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’) and I decided to interview her for the second time at BollySpice

As a Music lover, and now a writer, I love the fact that I am able to help Musicians come into the spotlight who might not be otherwise heard/noticed, purely because they lack that cliched “big hit”. There are so many talented musicians out there, who sadly do not always get a platform to be heard and wherever I can, I will always make sure that I can give these kind of artists, ‘their voice’.

I was also given the opportunity to interview singer Jonita Gandhi (thanks to BollySpice) who found her way to stardom via YouTube videos and collaborations.

I guess I should also mention here that I have been very fortunate enough to interview many established artists too. You can read these interviews of mine here: Interviews I particularly took these interviews, in order for people to understand Himeshji better.

I hope you all enjoy reading my interviews. I have and never will consider myself to be a “journalist”. I simply love to write about what I am passionate about.

Always be the person who encourages, because the world already has enough critics!

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