Teraa Surroor: Trailer Review

Being the biggest Himesh Reshammiya fan there is (!), I am naturally very excited with the forthcoming release of his next film as an actor ‘Teraa Surroor’.

The trailer of the film released yesterday and I was lucky enough to be able to watch it before I left for work that morning (the struggles of juggling online and offline life)! The trailer literally blew me away! It took me a while to get used to a few of the initial “scenes” (that feature in nearly almost every other Bollywood film these days; but still felt kinda weird seeing them in his film) but once I got passed that, I reminisced as soon as I heard the songs Tanhaiyaan, Assalam Vaalekum and Teraa Surroor!

What an amazing transformation of Himeshji’s overall physique and on screen character! He looks super lean, fit and the six-pack is the result of his sheer dedication and intense fitness regime that he continued last year after losing oodles of weight for his previous film The Xpose!

Teraa Surroor is an intense, edge of the seat, thriller with a love story that is not usually seen in Bollywood. The trailer of Teraa Surroor has created a storm on Social Media and I actually think haters really don’t know what to say anymore because this man will never give up! He will continue to rock full steam ahead and I will always be there to support him. Jai Mata Di!

Directed by Shawn Arranha, watch the superb trailer of Teraa Surroor below and do share your thoughts!

Teraa Surroor:


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