Music Review: Teraa Surroor

Before I begin my second Music Review here at my blog, I’d just like to remind readers to take a step back, and remember, that a Bollywood soundtrack comprises of songs which have been carefully selected to represent the movie in question. That is sometimes why we often enjoy the songs of a particular Bollywood movie a lot more, after we have seen the film. Keep that in mind whenever you listen to a Bollywood soundtrack before watching the film.

‘Teraa Surroor’ is my favourite music director Himesh Reshammiya’s next film as an actor. 2 years after The Xpose, Himeshji has returned with a lot of hard work and extreme dedication to improving his physique, acting and (as always!) giving us stellar music! ‘Teraa Surroor’ is the second film of the ‘Surroor’ franchise. ‘Aap Kaa Surroor’ movie was a super hit at the Box Office in 2007. The songs from the first movie are all evergreen and are very much loved by each and every Reshammiyan (fans of Himeshji). Let’s take a look and see the new musical gift that Himeshji has given us this time, with ‘Teraa Surroor’.

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Main Woh Chaand (Teraa Surroor) ~ My latest Piano Solo

After learning two songs from the Sanam Teri Kasam soundtrack, I am back with a beautiful love song from Himeshji’s next film as an actor ‘Teraa Surroor’.

I have done my best to capture the strong melody of the song in my piano solo, including Himeshji’s vocal part that has been cleverly mixed with strings. ‘Main Woh Chaand’ is a wonderful, melancholy song that encapsulates the true feelings of being in love and feeling the pain of love.

The song has been composed by Himeshji, and has lyrics by Sameerji. Himeshji has chosen to trust singer Darshan Raval with this song and he has delivered it very well. Listen to the original song here first and then my piano solo below:

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Teraa Surroor: Main Woh Chaand & Bekhudi songs review

After thoroughly enjoying the trailer of my favourite music director Himesh Reshammiya‘s forthcoming film Teraa Surroor, I have equally loved both of the song releases that followed: ‘Main Woh Chaand’ & ‘Bekhudi’.

First up ‘Main Woh Chaand’ is one of those rare and beautiful melodies that touch your soul as soon as you listen to the song. Himeshji’s compositions have always had this very effect on me, ever since I became his fan. Sung by India’s RAWstar Darshan Raval (a young boy who has been able to sing with full mature emotions) when you listen to the song, it literally takes you to a far away land. The opening piano and violin melody reminds us of Himeshji’s original composing style that he is most famous for. Part of me, naturally, wishes that Himeshji had sung the song himself… but I am able to hear his vocals too as he accompanies the violin parts after the antara of the song. ‘Main Woh Chaand’ is a sure shot musical winner.

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