Teri Yaad Reprise (Teraa Surroor) ~ My latest piano solo

My latest piano solo ‘Teri Yaad’ (reprise version), is a song which is probably my most favourite from the recent Bollywood soundtrack of ‘Teraa Surroor’.

It is the fourth song that I have learnt to play this year, without any written music as a guide. It is also the fourth song that I have learnt (after the Sanam Teri Kasam title track, Bewajah & Main Woh Chaand) by my favourite Bollywood musician Himesh Reshammiya.

During ‘Teraa Surroor’ promotions, Himeshji had said that he dedicates ‘Teri Yaad’ to all of his fans. I am dedicating my piano solo of ‘Teri Yaad’ to him. I have played the reprise version, and only the first two lines may sound slightly different to the song itself, as I felt they sounded better on the piano with the added higher ornamental sound. I simply fell in love with the melody and the nostalgia that it brings with it. I give myself extra marks for learning the wonderful piano rift played at the beginning of the song. I feel that it is generally harder to learn such piano rifts by ear.

Listen to my piano solo below and then the original song. Feedback is always welcome!

My Piano Solo:

Teri Yaad Reprise original:

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