Music Talk: ‘Singles’ concept arrives in Bollywood!

I have been wanting to discuss this topic for weeks. The concept of ‘singles’ has arrived in the Bollywood music industry. They are not singles that release from albums/soundtracks, but actual songs that are not attached to anything. Yup, they are not attached to any film or album whatsoever.

So far, we have seen the release of 3 such singles. The first one featured Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor in the video of the YoYo Honey Singh revised, ‘Dheere Dheere Se’. Yes, everyone’s favourite golden oldie from the 90’s film ‘Aashiqui’, was given the YoYo Honey Singh treatment. The single of course, was produced by TSeries as they are the ‘brain’ behind this unique idea.

The next one (and possibly my favourite until now) was the Emraan Hashmi & Esha Gupta short film ‘Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon’. Sung and composed by the famous Malik brothers (Armaan & Amal). This is definitely a pleasant song/well directed story and awesome acting by two very likeable stars. Still feels odd that it was not attached to an album/film.

Moving on and sadly going down many levels (facepalm) we have the cringeworthy ‘GF BF’ (acronym for ‘girlfriend boyfriend’) starring the not-so-popular Sooaj Pancholi and glamour girl Jacqueline Fernandes. This video has seriously failed to impress me (as did the song). It was again produced by TSeries!

All three singles feature “top” stars, and thus gives them a brand new promotional tool. Other than that, from what we have heard so far, they do not have anything to offer Music-wise. I doubt very much that these songs will not be remembered even two years later.

The only singles that I am now looking forward to, are the ones from my favourite and the multi talented Himesh Reshammiya. He is planning to release a single very soon and I know for sure, that it might just change the face of singles as we know it!

What do you think of this new concept in Bollywood Music? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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