My latest piano solo: ‘Hello’ (Adele)

My last couple of piano solos have been Bollywood songs and this time, I decided to change the genre. I learnt a very recent and popular super hit Western song ‘Hello’ which has been sung by Adele.

I have definitely become a fan of Adele after listening to ‘Hello’. The song has been set to a soulful chord based piano score, and Adele’s powerful vocals explain the conversation that is occuring in her mind to her previous partner after they have separated. It did take me a couple of listens before the emotions of the song touched me, but once that happened, I loved the song even more. ‘Hello’ is the ultimage heart-break song.

I have been able to learn the song thanks to pianist Dhruv Gandhi, who transcribed the notes so wonderfully. Due to forseeable copyright issues, I chose to learn the first verse and chorus only and share it at reverbnation. Listen to my version below and let me know if you liked it 🙂

Check out ”Hello’ Adele ~ Piano Solo’ by HimeshjiFan4Eva

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