My latest piano solo ‘Rootha Kyun’ 1920 London

My most recent piano solo was entirely unplanned and happened purely because I listened to the Bollywood soundtrack 1920 London.

1920 London is actually the third film of a horror franchise series created by Vikram Bhatt. The music for this film was given by my second favourite Music Directors Toshi-Sharib. Their song ‘Rootha Kyun’ has a wonderful melody and has been sung by Mohit Chauhan and Payal Dev.

Rootha Kyun – 1920 London

I have played the melody in the right hand and have played the second verse in a higher octave, in order to mimic the higher scale of the female singer, in the original song. As always, I welcome any feedback on my piano solo/which songs you would like to hear me play.

My piano solo: