My Favourite Cover Songs ~ Part 1

I am finally back with a new blog post and this time, it is all about my favourite cover songs!

Cover songs are a very common occurrence in Western music. They can often boost an artists career, or help to launch a new artist, and give them the much needed exposure. In Bollywood Music cover songs are created in a slightly different manner. They can often be heard in the form of epic performances on music based reality shows or in the form of YouTube covers from upcoming artists who are trying to get noticed by the Bollywood Music industry.

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Bollywood Music: Songs that feature on soundtracks but are not in the films

It has often bugged me why some songs on certain Bollywood soundtracks, are never actually picturised in the film itself.

While I understand that due to a film having enough existing songs/length of time issues, an extra song is not always necessary, yet the films producers often feel the need to add it to the films soundtrack.

When it comes to my favourite Bollywood Music Director Himesh Reshammiya, this has happened to him in a few instances. What upsets me about this, is the fact that the added compositions turn out to be absolute gems that simply lose any attention whatsoever because they are not marketed with the rest of the soundtrack.

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