Bollywood Music: Arya Entertainment presents ‘Albeliya’

It gives me great pleasure in writing this as my good friend and excellent Bollywood rapper/Musician Arya Acharya presents his first song ‘Albeliya’ from his company ‘Arya Entertainment’.

Rapper & Music Producer Arya Acharya

If you pay close attention to your Bollywood Music, you will know that Arya has been rapping in Bollywood songs way before todays current rappers. He has primarily worked with the multi talented Himesh Reshammiya in songs such as ‘Chhed De Pyar Di Baat’ (Aap Kaa Surroor) and more recently ‘Punjabi Mast’ (Action Jackson).

Since then, Arya has worked hard to create his own company ‘Arya Entertainment’ which provides a platform that launches and encourages new Musical talent in the Bollywood Music industry.

As mentioned, ‘Albeliya’ is the first song to release from his company. It has been sung by Arya and sufi singer Krishna Beuraa (previously heard in the songs ‘Aap Ki Kashish’ from Aashiq Banaya Aapne and ‘Main Jahan Rahoon’ from Namastey London). The song has been composed by newcomer Viraal who has also written the lyrics. Further details of the song which have been given by ‘Arya Entertainment’ are as follows:

“Song – Albeliya
Music Producer – Arya Acharya
DOP – Ronak Korat
Model – Nnupur Sharma
Mix & Master – Tosief Shaikh
Copyrights – Arya Entertainment

Bollywood’s celebrated Music Producer and Rapper Arya Acharya’s, new Talent Company ‘Arya Entertainment’ presents his first Music Single titled ‘Albeliya’ which is an amalgamation of Bollywood-Sufi and Desi-Hiphop Music, featuring the King of Bollywood Sufi Music Krishna Beuraa and Bollywood’s celebrated Rapper Arya Acharya.

‘Arya Entertainment’ was created with an honest intention of giving a justified platform to all deserving talents from India, who are brilliantly skillful, but lacked the technical know how, of creating, producing and commercializing an A-Class musical product.

Composer and Lyricist Viraal from Navsari, Gujrat is the first official artist signed by “Arya Entertainment”. His latest composition titled “Albeliya”, which also has deep and thoughtful Sufi lyrics written by him, has a combination of a brilliant sufi composition, lyrics and a fusion of Hip-hop music blended along with smooth sounding Rap vocals.

Famous Bollywood Sufi vocalist Krishna Beuraa, has given his powerful and enchanting voice to “Albeliya”. Krishna was blown away by the composition and lyrics when he heard it, and immediately agreed to lend his vocals to a new composer Viraal, who he felt had an amazing skill of belting out earthy and pristine compositions.

Beautiful Bollywood Actress Nnupur Sharma, too had the same feeling when she heard the song for the first time. She immediately connected with the earthy feel, of the composition lyrics and vocals of “Albeliya”. Nnupur Sharma’s professionalism at shooting the song was highly commendable and her enchanting grace and elegance has given “Albeliya” the perfect Visual appeal.

Arya also roped in new dancers Rohit Sharma and Jessica Fernandes. These 2 amazingly talented Mumbai based dancers, have choreographed beautiful contemporary dance moves for ‘Albeliya’, fusing traditional Indian and Hip-Hop Dance styles, giving a mesmerising touch to the entire Music video.

‘Albeliya’s’ DOP Ronak Korat, is another amazing new comer from Gujrat and has been the man behind the vision of “Albeliya”. The song required a very earthy and surreal feel and Ronak blended the naturally perfect and exquisite locales of Netrang, which is a 1st for any Indian Music videos.

Bollywood’s Popluar Mixing and Mastering Engineer Tosief Shaikh, has given his exciting touch to the final audio of ‘Albeliya’, making it sound massive, smooth and enticing.”

I am definitely looking forward to hearing the song ‘Albeliya’ and watching it’s Music video! We will have more details on this exciting project in the next few days so do stay tuned at Girl at the Piano!

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