Aap Se Mausiiquii: Song and video review


On 4th November after much excitement and anticipation, came the first song release from my favourite Musician Himesh Reshammiya’s forthcoming private album ‘Aap Se Mausiiquii’. The title track released with a stylish video which features a romantic story of Himeshji falling in love with a girl who is blind. The scenes that follow are sure to touch your heart and bring a lump to your throat:

Aap Se Mausiiquii ~ title track

It is clear that Himeshji has chosen a very different zone of orchestration for ‘Aap Se Mausiiquii’. The tempo is slow and this helps to capture the listeners interest as the romantic story unfolds through the songs’ lyrics. The piano melody stands out amongst the strings, which gives the feeling of a full orchestra being part of the song. Himeshji’s vocals are light, yet strong, emotive and crystal clear. It is wonderful to hear him hold the note ‘Mausiiquii…’ as he has not included this embellishment in his other songs for quite some time now. The song is nothing like the ‘easily blendable’ romantic songs we hear in Bollywood today, thus making it stand out on its own.

This is the first time that Himeshji is working with lyricist Manoj Muntashir. Manoj has created his Bollywood identity by writing some of today’s most popular romantic songs such as ‘Teri Galliyan’ from Ek Villain and more recently ‘Kaun Tujhe’ from MS Dhoni. Romance has always been Himeshji’s forte as a composer and so it is only wise for him to work with a lyricist who is an equal romantic and can bring this feeling alive through his lyrics.

If you love your Bollywood romantic songs, then ‘Aap Se Mausiiquii is a must listen for you! The second song from the album is slated to release next week. Until then, I know, many of us hopeless romantics will enjoy watching and listening to the beautiful ‘Aap Se Mausiiquii’.

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