Interview: with DJ Toons!

It gives me pleasure in introducing a very new artist here at Girl at the Piano. Arya Entertainment recently held a remix competition for their latest release Albeliya. The competition was open to all DJs and remix artists. The lucky winner of this contest is none other than DJ Toons from Gujarat! If you would like to know more about this upcoming DJ, enjoy reading the chat that I had with him recently…

DJ Toons

Congratulations DJ Toons for winning the Albeliya remix contest held by Arya Entertainment! Please tell us your journey so far in the Bollywood music industry?Thank you so much. It was a pleasure creating a remix of Albeliya song. Well, the Bollywood music industry is a very blooming space where all we need is a dedicated love towards music and a determined heart who knows how to skip people’s beats 😉

What did you like the most about song Albeliya? The lyrical composition of Albeliya drove me crazy! Krishna’s vocal was an absolute turn-on and the most unique combination of Sufi music and Rap was an insanely amazing!

How easy/difficult was it to remix the acapella version of Albeliya? Nothing is easy or difficult, it was the dedication that worked.

How has the experience been of working with Arya Entertainment after winning the contest?
I’m looking forward to work out the best business model with Arya Entertainment and play lots of parties as a DJ collaborating with Arya 🙂

Please share with us some of your earlier work experiences, if possible.You can get my music on and international release,

Please share with us details of your future projects. My remix track is coming up in the bollywood movie ‘Hoja Zara Matlabi’ sung by Mohit Chauhan which is expected to be released in Jan 2017 and of course, more projects as a DJ/producer with Arya Entertainment, boooooom !!

I am looking forward to hearing the remix of Albeliya by DJ Toons and as soon as I hear it, I shall be sharing it with you all so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can follow DJ Toons and his work by liking his official facebook page

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