Girl at the Piano pays tribute to George Michael

This week, the world of Music suffered another terrible loss of a great Music icon: George Michael. Sadly, this is the second tribute post at my blog this year, as Heaven becomes a Musical place!

It is my dear Mum who first introduced me to George’s Music. I grew up enjoying and listening to his tracks Careless Whisper, Last Christmas, including his hits with Wham!. Luckily for me he was still making Music as I grew up, and so I was able to enjoy his later hits such as Faith and one of my most favourite duets of his, As. The video for As was a memorable one and I remember watching it on TV almost every week as the song remained number one in the charts for weeks.

I am sharing some of my most favourite songs by George below. Let me know which ones are your favourites!

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My Top 3 favourite Bollywood songs of 2016 plus dedication

I recently gave a re-cap of my favourite Music of 2016, and I have decided to share my top 3 songs from this year as well. It might be surprising to hear a Top 3 favourite songs list, but I love all 3 songs too much and this is why they deserve to be mentioned. I am also dedicating this post to the CEO of HR Musik Andy Singh who sadly passed away a week ago. He has been a part of all three songs featuring in my list and he will be greatly missed!

All three songs are from the Bollywood Music industry and are by my favourite Musician Himesh Reshammiya (surprise surprise!). He has delivered some exceptional work this year!

My top 3 favourite songs of 2016 are:

1) Main Woh Chaand ~ Teraa Surroor
2) Bewajah ~ Sanam Teri Kasam
3) Menu Kehn De original and unplugged ~ Aap Se Mausiiquii

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Aap Se Mausiiquii: Music Review

Girl at the Piano reviews Himeshji’s Aap Se Mausiiquii album


Track listing:
1) Aap Se Mausiiquii
2) Menu Kehn De
3) Tonight
4) So Much in Love
5) Couple Photo
6) Trippy
7) Every Night and Day
8) Soni
9) Thuglife
10) Teri Arziyan

Music & Singer: Himesh Reshammiya Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir Guest singers: Iulia Vantur, Neha Kakkar DJs: Akbar Sami, Aqeel, Chetas & Kiran Kamath

My favourite Musician Himesh Reshammiya, has given us a mammoth album in the form of Aap Se Mausiiquii. This album is not only Himeshji’s desire to revive the Hindi independent Music scene, but also the follow up to his highly successful debut album Aap Kaa Surroor which released over 10 years ago! Joining him this time around, Himeshji has chosen the most popular lyricist of today’s Bollywood Music Manoj Muntashir. Himeshji is known to give the best Music to love songs and Manoj has written many of the lyrics of today’s most popular romantic tracks. A combination of these two amazing talents, which are driven by love and Music, is what makes the Aap Se Mausiiquii album so special.

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My favourite Music of 2016!

As we have reached December, I decided that it would be a good idea to do a re-cap of all the Music that I have enjoyed listening to during this year! I have categorized my favourite Music into three different categories. Starting of with Bollywood Music, the below is a list of soundtracks that has mesmerized me with their amazing sound this year:

*Sanam Teri Kasam – Film Soundtrack
*Teraa Surroor – Film Soundtrack
*Rootha Kyun – Film song from the 1920 London soundtrack


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Song and Video review: So Much In Love ~ Aap Se Mausiiquii

After a brief gap, we now have the fourth video from my favourite musician Himesh Reshammiya’s brand new album Aap Se Mausiiquii!

So Much In Love ~ Aap Se Mausiiquii

The song So Much In Love definitely redefines love in its happier space. The video is bright and colourful and there is some cute comic acting from Himeshji, which reminds me a lot of his comic acting in the movie Damadamm! With regards to the Music, the song is almost a club track that gives the listener a lot of variations in its melody and singing. The song has definitely bought a ray of sunshine with it despite releasing in winter! The lyris have been written by Manoj Muntashir who seems very comfortable when it comes to blending English and Hindi lyrics together.

If you have watched the video and enjoyed the song, do share your thoughts in the comments!

I will be back tomorrow with the review of the fifth track from the album as Every Night and Day releases tomorrow.

Arya Entertainment: Albeliya updates

Since the release of their first single Albeliya, Arya Entertainment have been extremely busy! They will soon be launching the remix version of the track which has been created by the winner of the remix contest, DJ Toons. The music video for the remix has been shot already and will be releasing soon!


Arya Entertainment are also happy to be judging a prestigious talent event called Kshitij 2016 which will be held at Mithibai College in Mumbai.


Stay tuned for the Albeliya remix which will be releasing soon!