Aap Se Mausiiquii: Music Review

Girl at the Piano reviews Himeshji’s Aap Se Mausiiquii album


Track listing:
1) Aap Se Mausiiquii
2) Menu Kehn De
3) Tonight
4) So Much in Love
5) Couple Photo
6) Trippy
7) Every Night and Day
8) Soni
9) Thuglife
10) Teri Arziyan

Music & Singer: Himesh Reshammiya Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir Guest singers: Iulia Vantur, Neha Kakkar DJs: Akbar Sami, Aqeel, Chetas & Kiran Kamath

My favourite Musician Himesh Reshammiya, has given us a mammoth album in the form of Aap Se Mausiiquii. This album is not only Himeshji’s desire to revive the Hindi independent Music scene, but also the follow up to his highly successful debut album Aap Kaa Surroor which released over 10 years ago! Joining him this time around, Himeshji has chosen the most popular lyricist of today’s Bollywood Music Manoj Muntashir. Himeshji is known to give the best Music to love songs and Manoj has written many of the lyrics of today’s most popular romantic tracks. A combination of these two amazing talents, which are driven by love and Music, is what makes the Aap Se Mausiiquii album so special.

The album features 10 superhit songs, and each of them redefine the feeling of love in their own way. The title track Aap Se Mausiiquii (My Music is Because of You), opens the album. This song is most definitely one of the slowest tempos that Himeshji has ever used, but it works well against the backdrop of a full orchestra feel, with the piano being the main instrument. Himeshji has also sung the song in a very different style with a lot of therav and restrain his voice, thus making the song a treat to the ears and soothing to the mind. The lyrics are fresh and present the word Mausiiquii (Music) in a new light.


The pace picks up a little bit with the second track Menu Kehn De (Please Let Me Say). In this song, lyricist Manoj has blended Hindi and Punjabi lyrics together. The unplugged version of this song is my most favourite and deserves a mention on its own merit! Himeshji’s voice sounds so soothing yet melancholy and as the listener understands the lyrics of the song, one can clearly relate to the subject of the song. The guitar melody/hookline pieces the song together and further adds to the mood. Menu Kehn De is one of the most beautiful melodic creations from Himeshji.

Track number three is Tonight and this song changes the entire sound and tempo of the album! A full on Arabic infused club track, Himeshji is back in his original genre of giving great club Music. Lyricist Manoj has had the chance to dabble with Arabic, English and Hindi lyrics in this track. Himeshji sings the song with finesse and his trademark style making Tonight a popular track with beats that will surely get your feet dancing on the dancefloor!

Next we have an EDM, happy and romantic track So Much in Love. I have a special connection with this song and whenever I listen to this track, I immediately think of the summer, sunshine and happy days! This song has the power to lift anyones mood once heard and again, has a blend of English and Hindi lyrics. Himeshji has also showcased his voice in a different style during this song, especially in the opening verse Subah Ki Ronaukein.

The next two tracks on the album may take some time to grow, but once they do, they are unstoppable. Couple Photo is a take on today’s social media relationships with lyrics such as Couple Photo Tu Upload Kar Facebook Pe Piya. Singer Neha Kakkar accompanies Himeshji on the vocals and this is her first of three tracks on the album. Himeshji has composed this song in the Chalao Na Naino Se zone and it works well. The next track Trippy, is by far the fastest (in terms of tempo) song on the album so far. I feel this song is more aimed at the remix angle as it is very different from any of Himeshji’s previous compositions. It is a fun song and lyricist Manoj has given very different lyrics.

After Trippy things slow down just a little with the track Every Night and Day. We are back to the English and Hindi lyrical zone with this one. Good friend of Salman Khan Iulia Vantur, lends her vocals to this track and surprisingly, supports Himeshji very well. Despite being a non-Hindi speaker, she has adjusted to the track very well. Himeshji has kept his lines at a minimum yet leads the song. Every Night and Day is a track in the happy zone which leaves you feeling happy after you have heard it.

Next up is Soni which is a beautiful song and is already a favourite of many fans. Solo numbers by Himeshji are always a treat and Soni is no exception. This song takes you to the fields of Punjab, and its composition style reminds you of Himeshji’s hits from Apne and Nanhe Jaisalmer. Himeshji has also revisited the word Mahiwal in the song, and he last used this particular word in Chakna Chakna from Namastey London. We are now at track number 9 which is surprisingly called Thuglife. This particular track has taken possibly the longest to grow on me. Rebellious and a-carefree kind-of-love feature in the lyrics of this track. Himeshji has DJ Akbar Sami and Neha Kakkar accompanying him on the vocals of this song, which again, also has a club angle to it. It is the first time that Himeshji has had a DJ feature on the actual song with him, and DJ Akbar has left no stone unturned when it comes to leaving his own mark. If we think about Himeshji’s debut album Aap Kaa Surroor, the track It’s Folkish! is of similar nature. This track is sure to do well in the clubs! Teri Arziyan is the closing track on the album and has the melody of a prayer. Himeshji’s soothing vocals, rhythm and lyrics make this a melodious end to the album!

As well as these amazing 10 songs, the album also features 15 remixes including unplugged and reprise versions. The remixes have been created by India’s Top 4 DJs and present different takes on each of the tracks. I wish there were more unplugged versions of the songs and I am grateful for the unplugged version of Menu Kehn De which I feel is even more beautiful than the original! If you are looking for a change of Music, especially an album that is in Hindi and is not restricted to a Bollywood film, then Aap Se Mausiiquiiis a must listen for you. If you love your romantic Hindi Music yet are disappointed with the current songs of today’s Bollywood then Aap Se Mausiiquii is a must listen for you! See, there are enough reasons why you must listen to and enjoy the Musical hardwork that has gone into creating this super album!

Girl at the Piano gives the album 5/5 for its diverisity and beautiful melodies.

5 thoughts on “Aap Se Mausiiquii: Music Review

      1. I Love this album, each song has its own secret that’s different from another song. My fav. songs are Menu kehn de, Title track, Soni, Teri Arziyaan, Every Night and Day.but my most fav. song is Teri Arziyaan !!!


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