Interview: with Musician Viraal

Girl at the Piano interviews Arya Entertainment Musician Viraal.

I am ready to share with you all my first interview of 2017. After the success of their first single release Albeliya last year, rapper and Music producer Arya Acharya’s production house Arya Entertainment, are gearing up for their forthcoming releases this year. Ahead of the release of their next single, I have had the pleasure of interviewing their main Music composer and lyricist Viraal. If you enjoyed his first song Albeliya, then you will definitely enjoy reading his interview!

Music Composer & Lyricist Viraal

Please share with us your musical journey so far.
I was born and brought up in a small town of Gujarat named Navsari. In my town and region, music is only for enjoyment. No one can even think to make their career in Music. But somewhere in my heart, soul and mind, Music is always present in some manner. I feel Music chose me not I choosing music. I learn nothing in Music. I have no degree. I write and compose songs totally according to my mood and feeling. I can feel my music. I compose what I feel wholeheartedly, and I feel what I compose. I think Music is a powerful tool in the whole world. Its like meditation for me to compose. Today I am alive just because of the Music in me. Music inspires me a lot at every step of my life. I finished schooling from Sett R J J High school Navsari and I finished my engineering from V V P Engineering College,Rajkot, so I never got the time to learn music professionally, but in my heart there is a musician who learns Music each and every day. I am still learning each and every day. Music is a deep ocean.

Congratulations on the success of your first song release Albeliya with Arya Entertainment. How did you all come together for this song?
Albeliya is a song that I wrote and composed in 2012. I do compose at least 1 song everyday still. Its like my routine. When we planned to create this lovely magical song, my music mentor, lovely human being first of all and then fantastic music producer rapper Arya Sir, had a different approach regarding the song. I composed the song on guitar, the old music way, simple tune but Arya Sir designed it in a unique way and Krishna Sir one of the finest sufi singer of India (who sung maula mere le le meri jaan- Chak De fame and many superhit tracks of Bollywood) listened to our song and believed in the tune and agreed to sing it, taking the song to another level. We got A grade artists like Ankur da on guitar and Aswin Shrinivasan on flute, so such great magical music appears.

Was there a conscious decision to make Albeliya a song in the sufi genre?
It’s entirely Arya Sirs idea to mix sufi track in hip-hop, so we can say sufi-hip-hop genre with rap. Its totally a experimental genre. But the uniqueness and soul of sufism we’ve maintained. I am very happy with such unique genre and I feel proud each and every time listening to it.

What are your favourite musical genres to compose in? (e.g romance/dance/sufi etc)I love all genres of Music. But it must be soulful and with meaningful lyrics. My mind is open for world music and I am enjoying good quality music. l think Music is the best way to express feelings. So I love all genres according to my mood. I love fusion, soulful love romantic tracks more who touch everyones heart and soul. I wish I can heal the whole world with my Music from sadness, loneliness, depression and fill everyones heart full of joy and happiness. I prefer the sufi fusion genre more as expressions directly from my heart, get turned into Music.

What musical instruments do you enjoy playing?
I enjoy and love to play the guitar. I can spend my whole life with my Guitar, lyrics writing diary and amazing place with good food to work. I don’t need anything else then!

What are your thoughts on todays current Bollywood Music trends?
Current Bollywood Music is eventually getting lower and lower day by day. We have many talents in every corner of our country, but sadly the music labels and all music companies don’t have value and lack of platforms for all deserving artists. Deserving artists are struggling a lot even though they have talent and they are taking music standards at a new level, but due to some trends or by default, and due to the bad attitude of music companies, artists are still struggling. It must be solved so that music trends and music standards can automatically become fresh and listeners can get more melodious music.

Please share with us details of your forthcoming projects.
Well we are having 5 amazing tracks with the most upcoming youth heartthrob and very soulful singer Jubin Nautiyal. Jubin’s name is enough for Music nowadays. Humma Humma to Kaabil, he has very amazing songs already released. We are looking to release our first song with him asap. Rest,all tracks in line-up. We are working on a video now step by step. As a Gujarati, I have dubbed a Gujarati song in Jubin’s vocal too. It’s a very unique approach to a love song, and we plan to release it on valentines day this year. Another collaboration and different approach is of experimental music that we are planning, and it is on its way to production. Stay tuned for more updates.

Stay tuned for more Arya Entertainment updates exclusively at Girl at the Piano.

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