Song and Video Review: Trippy ~ Aap Se Mausiiquii

After a short break my favourite Musician Himesh Reshammiya, has released the next video from his second private album Aap Se Mausiiquii.


The first four videos from the album have received a tremendous amount of hits collectively at YouTube, and I am sure the new video which is for the song Trippy, wil be no exception. Touted as the biggest dance track of the year, the video of Trippy features Himeshji, with singer Neha Kakkar and supermodel Waluscha de Sousa. The lyrics are by Manoj Muntashir. When you listen to the song purely as an audio, it is not easy to picture how it should be captured visually, which is why the video of Trippy has done an exceptional job!

The video is set in a very trance/dance like atmosphere with everyone simply grooving to the beats of the Music. I love the intro shot of Himeshji’s feet slowly walking and dragging the microphone with him. Waluscha looks stunning and has captured the overall groove of the song in her moves. Neha too delivers her part well making the video a visual treat to the eyes and ears! I was most intrigued about how this video would look and the team have certainly lived up to my expectations! Enjoy the stunning video of Trippy below:

Trippy ~ Aap Se Mausiiquii

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