Aarya Records: the latest platform for Independent Hindi Music

It has never been a better time for Independent Music than now. After the successful launch of Arya Entertainment rapper & Music producer Arya Acharya is all set to launch his next venture, his record label Aarya Records! This record label will be an exclusive platform for all new and upcoming independent Musicians.

The logo of Aarya Records has been released and they shall be announcing Ā details of their first song tomorrow, to celebrate their launch!

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New Music Monday: Sanam and Jubin Nautiyal

It’s that day of the week where I share some new Music as it is new music Monday! This week I have 2 songs which have impressed me greatly upon their release.

The first is the latest golden oldie cover from the band Sanam Ye Raat Bheegi Bheegi Aptly released before Valentine’s day, this cover of the classic Raj Kapoor & Nargis song has been given a modern touch, yet still stays true to the original sound which is what this band does the best. Joining them this time, they have the melodious vocals of upcoming singer Aishwarya Majumdar who is collaborating with them for the first time.
Enjoy this classic with a modern vibe below!

Ye Raat Bheegi Bheegi ~ Sanam

The next track is a single by current singing sensation Jubin Nautiyal. Haaye Dil is the sound of a heartbreak against the backdrop of some very cool electric guitar work and Jubin’s super emotive vocals. Having already reached a staggering 4.9 million views at YouTube, this single is definitely a popular one! Check it out below and do share your new Music recommendations!

Haaye Dil ~ Jubin Nautiyal

My favourite Golden Oldies: Holding Back the Years ~ Simply Red

As the sound of Music continues to change so quickly every year, I find more and more people are going back and are listening to their favourite old songs, especially if they are not enjoying the current Music trends. This has given me the idea of sharing some of my favourite golden oldies here at Girl at the Piano. This will be a new monthly feature at my blog! I will share both Western and Bollywood songs, in this new feature. As I always say, Old is Gold!

The first golden oldie that I will be sharing is from one of my most favourite bands. Those close to me know that Simply Red have played a very important part in my life Music wise. Ever since I began listening to Music, I started listening to and appreciating their songs.

The song of theirs that I am sharing today, is Holding Back the Years from the Picture Book album. Holding Back the Years is an emotional take on one’s childhood and Mick Hucknall has sung and composed the song to true perfection. Enjoy the song below and do share your favourite golden oldie in the comments!

Holding Back the Years ~ Simply Red

Arya Entertainment: Pehlo Prem promotions!

    Arya Entertainment released their second single Pehlo Prem just in time for Valentine’s Day. The song received a tremendous response thus allowing the team to promote the song at various cities in Gujarat.

    The songs composer and lyricist Viraal, along with Arya Acharya and the video’s actors Madonna and Harsh also attended a go green campaign in Gujarat where they were the guest of honour.

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Arya Entertainment: Enjoy the video of Pehlo Prem

The much awaited video of Arya Entertainment’s second single Pehlo Prem has finally released.

The song has been written and composed by Viraal and the song has been sung by singing sensation Jubin Nautiyal. The song is Jubin’s first ever Gujarati single and it has received a tremendous response. Pehlo Prem is composer Viraal’s second installment for Arya Entertainment.

The video has been set in the beautiful snowy locales of Manali and features actors Harsh Rajput and Madonna Tixy. Check out the awesome video below and dedicate it to your loved one this Valentine’s day!

Pehlo Prem video:

Song Review: Sanware Ki Dhun by DJ Kary Arora

I recently shared a latest Bollywood independent Music song Sanware Ki Dhun, in my new music monday post. The song has been sung and composed by DJ Kary Arora. After listening to the song for a few days, I felt that now would be a good time to review it.

Sanware Ki Dhun is a song that has a strong holiday vibe to it (which can only be a good thing, as after all, Music is meant to lift our moods!) and so does the video, which has been shot in the exotic locales of Singapore! The lyrics have an element of spirituality, yet also give the feeling that the singer is in search of her love ‘Gali Gali Phiru Sanware Nazar Nahin Aaye Hai…’ Kary has kept the orchestration simple yet there is a good flow of melody throughout the song.

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New Music Monday: Pehlo Prem and Sanware Ki Dhun

I am back with a New Music Monday post, which is my special feature where I showcase some new Music releases (on Mondays), here at Girl at the Piano.

This Monday I have two new exciting releases to share. The first song is a beautiful Gujarati love song called Pehlo Prem from Arya Entertainment. If you have been following my blog closely, you will be aware that I have been talking about the release of this song a lot! The song has been wonderfully sung by singer Jubin Nautiyal, composed and written by Viraal and produced by Arya Entertainment. The full audio motion poster released yesterday and if you understand and love the Gujarati language, you will be sure to love the romantic Pehlo Prem.

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My favourite Bollywood song mashups

Mashups are a relatively new and recent phenomenon in the world of Bollywood Music. Having previously originated as a way to increase the promotion of a film soundtrack, they have since migrated onto other platforms, where other Music creators have used them to showcase their many talents.

I am sharing three of my favourite mashups below. Notice that each of them are different in style, yet all three are still classified as a mashup. Plus all three are in the Bollywood vicinity.

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Arya Entertainment: Next single is Pehlo Prem

After the success of their first single Albeliya, Arya Entertainment are all set with the release of their brand new single Pehlo Prem. The single has been composed by composer and lyricist Viraal (who also composed Albeliya) and has been sung by popular and upcoming Bollywood playback singer Jubin Nautiyal.
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