Song Review: Sanware Ki Dhun by DJ Kary Arora

I recently shared a latest Bollywood independent Music song Sanware Ki Dhun, in my new music monday post. The song has been sung and composed by DJ Kary Arora. After listening to the song for a few days, I felt that now would be a good time to review it.

Sanware Ki Dhun is a song that has a strong holiday vibe to it (which can only be a good thing, as after all, Music is meant to lift our moods!) and so does the video, which has been shot in the exotic locales of Singapore! The lyrics have an element of spirituality, yet also give the feeling that the singer is in search of her love ‘Gali Gali Phiru Sanware Nazar Nahin Aaye Hai…’ Kary has kept the orchestration simple yet there is a good flow of melody throughout the song.

If you enjoy listening to new independent Hindi Music sounds, be sure to listen to Sanware Ki Dhun as DJ Kary Arora will surely surprise you!

Check out the unique song below and do give your feedback on the song too!

Sanware Ki Dhun

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