Favourite Golden Oldies: Holding Back the Years ~ Simply Red

As the sound of Music continues to change so quickly every year, I find more and more people are going back and are listening to their favourite old songs, especially if they are not enjoying the current Music trends. This has given me the idea of sharing some of my favourite golden oldies here at Girl at the Piano. This will be a new monthly feature at my blog!

The first golden oldie that I will be sharing is from one of my most favourite bands. Those close to me know that Simply Red have played a very important part in my life Music wise. Ever since I began listening to Music, I started listening to and appreciating their songs.

The song of theirs that I am sharing today, is Holding Back the Years from the Picture Book album. Holding Back the Years is an emotional take on one’s childhood and Mick Hucknall has sung and composed the song to true perfection. Enjoy the song below and do share your favourite golden oldie in the comments!

Holding Back the Years ~ Simply Red

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