Celebrating my favourite female musicians!

It was International Women’s day on 8th March where females all around the globe, actually get a chance to celebrate themselves and each other. Yes, we actually have a day in the year, where we can celebrate ourselves. Hooray!

I thought it would be an awesome idea, to celebrate my favourite female musicians this week. There are many that I adore, but I have narrowed it down to my top 3 favourites and my most favourite songs of theirs. So here it goes!


I have always loved Madonna. Despite her somewhat overtly bold nature at times, I am very fond of her Music, style and her caring personality. She is an inspiration to many and she continues to amaze me. Her album The Immaculate Collection is always on my iPod. For this post, I am sharing my second favourite song of hers, Frozen (pay attention to the lyrics).

Frozen – Ray of Light album

Shania Twain

Growing up through my teens, Shania is an artist whose contemporary take on country Music, I loved a lot! She made me realise different shades of love through her Music, beauty and grace. I chose her classic hit Man! I Feel Like a Woman to truly celebrate International Women’s Day (we all deserve to have some fun!).

Man! I Feel Like a Woman – Come on Over album


The next feisty feline on my list is one of my biggest inspirations ever. Despite suffering from poor health since a very young age and fighting breast cancer twice, Anastacia has sold millions of albums across the globe. The first song of hers that I fell in love with, is Not That Kind from her debut album thanks to its funky beats and powerful vocals. (’cause I’m not that kind if girl!)

Not that Kind

I cannot complete this post without giving a shout out to my other favourite female artists: the mighty Adele, the wonderful Emeli Sande, the rhythmic Alicia Keys. Thank You for the Music!

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