Song and Video Review: Piya Reprise from Arya Entertainment

This week, there has been one song which has been playing on loop on my playlist. It is the beautiful Piya Reprise from Arya Entertainment.

Piya Reprise is the third single from Arya Entertainment. It is the third composition from Music composer Viraal, and it is the second song that the popular Jubin Nautiyal has sung for Arya Entertainment.

As a former speech and drama student during my younger years, the video of Piya has made me very happy, as it features a ballerina Pia Sutaria, and a mime artist Dev Fauzdar. This is a very rare combination and something that we do not get to see very often in Hindi Music videos. The video also features composer Viraal, television actor Gunjan Utreja and actress Geetika Lohani. The combination of all of these unique talents, is what makes the song extra special and I salute Arya’s vision and support for this song. Jubin’s powerful yet emotive vocals bind the song together, and Viraal has very cleverly added crescendos and dimenuendos in the right places, which give a wonderful effect to the song. Piya Reprise is contemporary Music at its best.

Enjoy the mesmerizing video of Piya Reprise below and don’t forget to share your thoughts!

Piya Reprise from Arya Entertainment

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