Annoying trends in Bollywood Music

As my regular readers may be aware, I cover a lot of Bollywood Music news here at Girl at the Piano. I also dislike negative writing (writing without any positivity), but this next topic is one that I surely need to address and get off my chest, so to speak! Over the last 5 years or so, there have been some very irritating trends/fads which in my opinion, have stuck around for far too long in the world of Bollywood Music. They are the following:

*Remaking old Bollywood songs on new Bollywood soundtracks
*Remaking old UK Asian artist songs on new Bollywood soundtracks
*Bollywood actors turning “singers”
*Multiple Music Directors on one soundtrack (affecting Music shelf life)

I recently conducted a poll on Twitter to find out how many of you agreed with me about this issue, and the results were surprising to see!

Despite there being a tie between old songs being recreated and multiple MDs on one soundtrack, each of the options that I gave, received votes!

Remaking old Bollywood songs on new Bollywood soundtracks
This first fad, has surely reached its saturation point now. Whether it is Tamma Tamma or Gulabi Aankhen, the point still remains that as a Bollywood Music lover, we have all heard the original song many times before. We do not need to hear a new or “fresh” version of it when we all love the original! The recreation of old songs also signifies, that there is a huge loss of originality and creativity in making something new. It is also indirectly harming the reputation of Music Directors by making it look like they cannot create something new. I admire my favourite Musician Himeshji who has not been a direct part of this trend, and he showed this by giving all a superb full original songs album in the form of Sanam Teri Kasam which released in 2016. I also admire Music Director Ankit Tiwari who recently stated that he would never willingly recreate an old song unless it was absolutely necessary. (It is worth mentioning that Himeshji recreated Ishq Samundar for Teraa Surroor in 2016, and Ankit Tiwari recreated a Jagjit Singh number for Tum Bin 2). Once Bollywood starts to release recreated songs, it also indirectly hampers the success of YouTubers who purposefully cover old songs in order to show their Music potential. Therefore, this is a trend which needs to disappear asap!

Multiple Music Directors on one soundtrack
This trend has definitely been around for ages and ages. The only difference now, is that there seems to be no limit to the number of Music Directors that can be on a film soundtrack! In the early days of this trend, we would see a maximum of 2-3 names but now we are more used to seeing 5-6! While it is a good thing that the Bollywood Music industry has opened its doors much wider, to allow new talent to progress (thanks to yearly reality shows), this particular trend is most certainly decreasing the shelf life of new Bollywood Music. As it is, people no longer buy CDs and no longer read the full track listing info, so when an album carries multiple composers, in a world of ignorance, it will be highly unlikely that today’s listeners will check to see who has composed a particular song. Even RJs on the Radio often slack when it comes to mentioning a songs details and that is also why this trend must go.

Remaking old UK Asian artist songs on new Bollywood soundtracks
Following on from the first point of remaking old Bollywood songs, UK Asian Artist songs being remade also needs to stop. Jaage Saari Raat, High Heels have been popular songs during their UK releases and this trend yet again signals clearly that Bollywood is losing its originality. It broke my heart to learn that Sukhbir’s massive anthem Ishq Tera Tadpaave will also now be remade (thank goodness they feature the original song in the film promo) Why? Please put this energy into creating fresh new Music!

Bollywood actors turning “singers”
The third point mentioned is also a growing concern, not just for Music lovers but also for Bollywood playback singers. Priyanka Chopra, Aalia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor and now Parineeti Chopra, seem to have suddenly blossomed into singers overnight. (Not forgetting Farhan Akhtar, Ayushmann Khurana). By supposedly singing their own songs, they are also limiting the work of the playback singer who has been an integral part of the Bollywood industry since it began! Let’s hope there are no more names added to this list!

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