My Latest Piano solo: Sun Saathiya ~ ABCD2 and a life update

It has been a while since I have recorded a piano solo, as they say life got in the way! But this week, I was able to sit down and record my 4 pages long piano solo of Sun Saathiya from the Bollywood film ABCD2.

Original song credits: Sachin-Jigar

My piano solo:

I had been learning the song roughly since the start of this year, and I decided to take my time with it, focusing mainly on improving the fluidity of my playing, as that is one area which I feel that I need to work on the most, especially when it comes to a song which uses both hands. I really enjoyed learning the song, which has been well transcribed by fellow pianist Dhruv Gandhi. I have played a few of his transcribed pieces before and you can listen to them here. Let me know what you think of my latest piano solo!

Life Update
I am also very excited to announce that this Saturday, I will be attending the ARRahman concert celebrating 25 years of Music, at the SSE Arena (Wembley), exclusively for! I shall be writing a full review of the concert for BollySpice too.

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