My Music Review: Evolution by Anastacia

Listen to the full album Evolution on Spotify:

Anastacia has just released her latest studio album Evolution. Known for her super hit songs like I’m Outta Love and Not That Kind, Anastacia has developed a stronger music style over the years, which showed even on her last album Resurrection (2014), and she has taken it one step further on Evolution. Having battled through several unfortunate illnesses, when listening to Evolution, it almost feels like we are hearing a personal memoir which showcases Anastacia’s triumphs during these tough times of her life. The album has 13 strong tracks (9 of which have been co-written by Anastacia) with powerful song titles:

Caught in the Middle
My Everything
Nobody Loves Me Better
Not Coming Down
Higher Livin’

…and you can say that each track almost shows a different side to Anastacia’s musical personality!

The album opens with Caught in the Middle, a track which one can immediately associate with her original vibe. I had previously featured the song at the blog when it’s video released. Caught in the Middle is a strong track which has definite repeat value listening. Instead of reviewing the album song by song, I have decided to talk about the highlights from the album, and there are many! The tracks Redlight, Stamina see a different yet welcome sound of Anastacia. Stamina is almost like a reflection of the battles Anastacia has faced through her illnesses. A positive track, it motivates and shows you just how strong she really is.

There is a definitely a healthy divide on the album in terms of slow songs versus upbeat tracks, and we get to see Anastacia sing on a couple of slow, piano based tracks including My Everything, Why?, Pain and Before. I am happy that she has included some slow songs, as I particularly love her previous slow tracks Cowboys and Kisses and Black Roses from her debut album Not That Kind. My Everything stands out as the strongest ballad of all on the album, and shows just how comfortable Anastacia is with singing with just a piano to support her. The song Before has really struck a chord with me as after a long time, I have heard lyrics which describe the feeling of talking to your younger self. The album ends on a high note with the jazzy elements in Boomerang and Higher Livin’. I particularly love the lyrics from Boomerang!

The Evolution album is definitely a much stronger album compared to her last release Resurrection. The album has a good mix of strong musical elements and strong lyrical writing and is sure to grab the attention of her fans and Music lovers, who have been craving for and who appreciate meaningful composition and lyrics, in the pop-rock alternative Music genre. I give the album 4/5, for its powerful song titles, exceptional vocals and strong compositions. My top picks: Caught in the Middle, Stamina, My Everything, Before and Boomerang. Anastacia is truly back!

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