Kary Arora presents her latest single Yaadein Bachpan Ki

We are living in a time where many musicians are making the best of every available platform, to showcase their work. Kary Arora has recently added a twist in the trend of viewing music videos on YouTube as she released her latest one on her website and viewers can rent it. The music video is part of a short film Yaadein Bachpan Ki which celebrates childhood friendship and memories. I have showcased Kary’s work at the blog before, and you can listen to her previous work here.

The song Yaadein Bachpan Ki is a tribute to childhood friends and memories. The short film has been produced by: Kary Arora, Devashsish Nayyar & Beauty Anthology School. You can watch the short film via the methods mentioned below:

“Yaadein Bachpan Ki” in india is available online on http://www.djkary.com/movies 
NOW U CAN RENT it for 150/- and GET FREE GIFT too.
Click on the http://www.djkary.com/movies  , watch trailer, read all and click on RENT FULL HD MOVIE 150/- GREEN BUTTON on the page. Sign up, make payment, login and ENJOY #yaadeinbachpanki full movie with Free gift.”

Do comment below if you decide to watch the short film!

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