Music Review: Now by Shania Twain

Shania Twain is one of my favourite female artists of all time. I grew up enjoying her classic hits such as You’re Still The One, That Don’t Impress Me Much and Man! I Feel Like a Woman. I also enjoyed watching her full Las Vegas concert, which aired on Sky Arts, in the UK. So naturally, you can tell that I am very excited about her latest album Now!

The album features 12 tracks in the standard edition and has 16 tracks deluxe edition. All tracks written by Shania plus co-writers.

Listen to the deluxe edition (full 16 tracks) on Spotify

1) Swingin With My Eyes Closed
2) ‎Home Now
3) ‎Light of my Life
4) ‎Poor Me
5) ‎Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl
6) ‎More Fun
7) ‎I’m Alright
8) ‎Let’s Kiss & Make Up
9) ‎Where Do You Think You’re Going
10) ‎Roll Me On The River
11) ‎We Got Something They Don’t
12) ‎Because of You
13) ‎You Can’t Buy Love
14) ‎Life’s about to get Good
15) ‎Soldier
16) ‎All in All

Now is Shania’s 5th album, and an album that she has released after 15 years. During this mega gap, she sadly suffered from some traumatic personal experiences including a divorce, and an illness which caused her to lose her voice for a short period of time. It’s no surprise that these struggles feature heavily in the lyrics of her new album. Shania has written and produced all of the tracks, and hand picked her co-producers as she chose to create a new individual sound of her Music which is a brave move for any artist, especially when they have already worked on a hit formula!

Music is such a personal medium, and upon my first listen of Now, I could clearly tell that it was going to be a heavy, emotional album. I love the album’s first single, track 14 Life’s about to get Good. This song has the right kind of positive energy attached to it, and Shania’s vocals give the song the song the edge that it needs. The next single which released is Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed, and this too has grown on me immensely. It has a unique blend of country-rock and a hint of reggae to it.

The other highlights of the album for me are Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl, Soldier, I’m Alright and Light of my Life. The album is definitely an emotional rollercoaster, as all tracks have been bravel written from Shania’s personal experience. If you have loved her previous hits, you will most certainly enjoy listening to Now.

Girl at the Piano gives 3.5/5

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