Artist Aloud: 3 new releases from artists Sarit Das and Mumbai’s Finest

In this post, I will be sharing 3 new song releases from Artist Aloud. They are from 2 artists: Sarit Das and Mumbai’s Finest. The songs are in completely different music genres, as the first is a pure Indian classical song, while the second and third releases are a hip hop and rap fusion mix!

Argala Stotram by Sarit Das featuring the voice of Swarnima Gusain.
Genre: Pure Indian classical

Artist Information
SARIT DAS is an artist with an indefatigable spirit to contribute, create and spread the joy of music. He is one such creative artist, who was born in Kolkata to a traditionally cultural family. His father Sanjit Das, is an active theatre director His mother, Smt Ranu, is a proficient Sitar player. Therefore the arts, music, literature and anything creative formed an integral part of the family environment. Initiated into music by his mother and later put under the tutelage of the legendary Tabla maestros Pandit Gyan Prakash Ghosh and later Pandit Shankar Ghosh, who shaped his talent. He also learned the technique of playing the Harmonium under Shankar Banerjee. The musical creativity was further explored by the restless artist, Sarit, which led him to learn western music by learning to play the piano under the guidance of V. Balsara and later complete a professional course from Trinity College of England. As a Tabla player in India and abroad. His accomplished skills as an accompanist were appreciated by luminaries in the world of Indian classical music such as Vidushi Girija Devi, Ustad Sabri Khan, Pandit Bhajan Sopori, Ustad Sultan Khan, and many others including renowned western musicians and composers. Connoisseurs of music and composers from the music world have come to recognize Sarit’s creativity, thereby giving him a special space in the musical milieu. This regular artist of All India Radio and Television has given musical scores for several Bollywood films, documentary films, drama, ballet, music albums both individually as well as assisted top music composers of different regions and languages of the country and abroad. The wide exposure to different kinds of music has enabled Sarit to understand and appreciate the essence of music and to learn, explore and incorporate the best of music in his compositions. Sarit is presently engaged in research work on rehabilitation of mentally disabled of special children through music, particularly through the healing touch of Tabla.”

My Review
It is not everyday that we get to hear a pure Indian classical melody and hats off to Artist Aloud for supporting a wide range of musicians from all kinds of music genres! With such an amazing, strong musical background, I enjoyed listening to the Argala Stotram by Sarit Das with the melodious voice of Swarnima Gusain. This song will most definitely appeal to true classical music fans.

Run the Streets and One Day Some Day by Mumbai’s Finest.
Genre: Hip Hop and Rap fusion

Artist information
Mumbai’s Finest are the first rap and hip hop collective from Mumbai, India. They are one of the oldest Indian rap crews and are pioneers of rap and hip hop in India. Their style is aboriginal and they are known for their authenticity, intricate rhymes and cut throat flows. They have been making music Independently since 2006 and have several accolades like collaborating with AR Rahman, Salim Sulaiman, Flo – Rida, Chamiliionaire, have won multiple awards etc. Mumbai’s Finest also have their own record label and a hip hop clothing line. They have helped empower the hip hop movement across India and are the biggest Independent Hip Hop Act From India.

My Review
Now I must admit that I am not the greatest Hip Hop fan, but I do admire all Hip Hop artists as they are able to infuse powerful messages through their lyrics and rapping style. This is the first time that I am listening to Mumbai’s Finest and I do appreciate that their style of Hip Hop is rather unique. Run the Streets is a track with dominating lyrics which refer to ‘running the streets’ and it is interesting to hear the way the Hindi lyrics have been utilised in the track. I enjoyed listening to One Day Some Day much more, as it has a very positive message attached to it. The rap incorporates a mixture of Hindi and English lyrics, and will resonate well with people who are working towards achieving their dreams. Music maestro AR Rahman also makes an appearance in the video of the song!

You can stream and download these songs and many more exclusively on Artist Aloud App:

Also available on iTunes, Wynk, Hungama, Jio, Idea and other WAP Platforms

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