Musical Thoughts: Listening to Music via apps in the digital era

In the current digital era, it is much more common to find that people are listening to music via apps (streaming) on their smartphone, as opposed to either a CD or even mp3 player. With so many good music apps now available to choose from, it can also become a bit overwhelming when deciding to pick the right app which suits your choice of music. In this post, I will be sharing some of the top music apps for both Bollywood, Indie and Western music. This post is also a collaboration with Artist Aloud, and I shall be sharing some tips on some of the best ways to listen to new Indie Music via their app.

Some of the most popular Bollywood music apps are:

*‎Eros Now (restricted to only Eros Now releases)

Out of the above, I tend to listen to Bollywood music on the Gaana app especially when I am writing Bollywood music reviews. It has an extensive catalogue of both old and new film songs, with track listing information also available.

Indie Music
When I am in the mood to listen to something new and different, I will choose the Artist Aloud app, which has a host of Indie Music available, and the app can be downloaded on Apple, Android and Windows devices. As with all music sharing apps, within the Artist Aloud app, you can also create playlists of your favourite songs and share them easily with your friends. They also have an extra special feature where you can potentially book an artist for an event, show or concert! There are 3 easy guides to show you the best way to use the Artist Aloud app:

Apple (English):

Android (English):

Android (Hindi):

I highly recommend the Artist Aloud app, if you love listening to music from new artists and/or are always interested in new music releases.

Some of the most popular Western music apps are:

*‎Apple Music
*‎SoundCloud/Reverbnation (music sharing platforms)
*‎Shazam (to search for a song)

This autumn, I have really enjoyed listening to Music via the Spotify app. I use their basic package, so listen to one ad before receiving 30 minutes of ad free Music. I have recently created a cosy autumn nights playlist at Spotify, which includes some of my favourite acoustic and chilled out tracks. You can visit the playlist here

I also use both SoundCloud and Reverbnation apps for uploading my piano solos.

I recently did a poll on Twitter asking which apps people use to listen to Music, and Saavn app came as the winner:

Which apps (if any) do you use, to listen to Music? Do you prefer to listen to music on your phone/mp3 player? Let me know in the comments 😀

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