Music Review: Jupiter Calling by The Corrs

Album: Jupiter Calling by The Corrs

Listen to the album at Spotify: Jupiter Calling


1) Son of Solomon
2) ‎Chasing Shadows
3) ‎Bulletproof Love
4) ‎Road to Eden
5) ‎Butter Flutter
6) ‎SOS
7) ‎Dear Life
8) ‎No Go Baby
9) ‎Hit My Ground Running
10) ‎Live Before I Die
11) ‎Season of our Love
12) ‎A Love Divine
13) ‎The Sun and the Moon

I have been a big fan of The Corrs ever since the 90’s, and have also been fortunate enough to have seen them live, at Wembley Arena on the Talk on Corners tour. I have religiously listened to (and bought) all of their albums (yet to purchase White Light and Jupiter Calling, but I will!), and so it is no surprise that I am very excited that they have released a brand new album Jupiter Calling.

Firstly, I love the name of the album as it is very different from their previous album names (Talk on Corners, In Blue etc) and this album brings a mature, slightly less commercial sound with it. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of the new album and I knew I’d love it ever since I heard Son of Solomon. There are many highlights of the album, and for me some of the top tracks are Son of Solomon, Chasing Shadows and Road to Eden. I love the fact that despite creating a different sound compared to what they usually do, the album still very much has The Corrs stamp on it. Andrea’s vocals sound exquisite as always, and she continues to shine throughout the album. If you are a ‘serious music lover’, you will most definitely enjoy this album from The Corrs.

Girl at the Piano gives Jupiter Calling 4/5. Highly recommended album.

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