Musical Thoughts: Talking about The Voice India Kids music reality show

The Voice India Kids poster

I am currently enjoying the musical reality show The Voice India Kids. This show airs on AndTV, and is the second season of the children’s series. The Voice launched in India in 2015, and though it is an international concept, the show has been well received by music lovers and Indian television audiences.

This season features my favourite Himesh Reshammiya, and singers Papon, Shaan and Palak Muchhal as the coaches. The show is currently in the blind auditions stage, and if you are familiar with the concept of the show, you will know that this first round, means that the singers have to impress the coaches with their singing only, as only then, will the coaches chair turn when they have hit the buzzer.

The other fun aspect of this round, is that the kids get the chance to choose which team they want to be in, and this sees some ‘world class’ grovelling (!) from all four of the coaches, as they try to convince the kids to join their team! This is quite possibly my favourite part of the show. My favourite multi-talented Himesh Reshammiya has returned to the coaches chair, fresh from bring a judge on the most popular season of SaReGaMaPa Lil Champs. Himeshji was previously a coach on the very first season of The Voice India. It is truly wonderful to see him in the coaches chair once again, as he continues to guide the children in the right manner.

It is the first time that singers Papon and Palak Muchhal have become reality show coaches and both are very entertaining in their respective roles. Shaan has been a coach on almost all seasons of The Voice India, so like Himeshji he is at ease and both add to the fun and humour of the show. The children that have appeared on the show so far are all immensely talented, and it will be very interesting to see how each team progresses as the show enters its other rounds.

Watch The Voice India Kids every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm IST only on AndTV, and at 7.30pm GMT in the UK.

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