Artist Aloud: 3 new releases from Shirley Setia, Vikas Relhan and Tauseef Akhtar!

This week’s new releases from Artist Aloud are from three artists, covering three different genres of music. We have a patriotic song, an indie pop track and a ghazal album on the list! The artists in the spotlight this week are Vikas Relhan, Shirley Setia and Tauseef Akhtar.

Vande Matram by Vikas Relhan

Artist Information
Vikas Relhan (VK), is a renowned singer, music composer and yricist. He has been awarded by sanskar bharti with kala vibhuti samman, and guru shikshak vandan by bharat vikas parished.

My Review
I am sure that many music lovers will appreciate a patriotic song, and this is the first offering of the new releases this week. Vande Matram by Vikas Relhan is a soothing and passionate patriotic track, and brings a fresh take to patriotic songs. This is the first time that I have heard Vikas and I appreciate his vocal quality and the passion in his voice.

Swipe it Right Yaar (Tu Mil Gaya) by Shirley Setia

Artist Information
Shirley Setia is a full-fledged singer and performer who rose to fame as the digital star of India. She has had several successful renditions on the YouTube platform, and has also collaborated with the popular band SANAM. Shirley debuted in Bollywood this year with the hit Disco Disco in the film A Gentleman, and went on to do playback singing for many films since then.

My Review
Swipe It Right Yaar (Tu Mil Gaya) sees Shirley focus on independent music, and the song reveals her take on the way people use dating apps in order to progress with relationships. The song has a light upbeat melody, and this matches Shirley’s light and breezy vocals making the combination an enjoyable experience to listen to. Swipe It Right Yaar has received a huge response from her fans and has crossed the 1 million views mark already at YouTube! It’s no surprise, as the youth of today will fully understand her take on building relationships in the digital era.

Aamad album by Tauseef Akhtar
Featuring singers Vidhi Sharma and Sunil Sajal

1) Woh Chilman sa
2) ‎Chaandni Raat Mein
3) ‎Palkon Pe Koi Khawab
4) ‎Tum Mere Samne Aao
5) ‎Woh Gulbadan Hai
6) ‎Woh Zulm Toh Karte Hain
7) ‎Bahut Azeez Tha
8) ‎Lamha Lamha

Artist Information
Blessed with a remarkable stage-presence Tauseef Akhtar, naturally draws the listener to his sweet timbre, soulful yet melodious voice. Hailing from a family of learned musicians and knowledgeable scholars of Urdu language and poetry, Tauseef was brought up under the careful eye and strict tutelage of his father Janab Akhtar Azad Saheb who is a critic par excellence and a connoisseur of Urdu Shayari, Ghazals and flawless diction.

Tauseef received his initial vocal classical singing from the renowned Late Pt. Govind Prasad ‘Jaipurwale’. It was only after the demise of the latter, that the teenager Tauseef came under the able guidance of the king of ghazals Jagjit Singh ji. By now, Tauseef had a fair idea of the theoretical side of classical format and Ragas, but it was only under his guru Jagjit Singh that Tauseef was to learn the important nuances of vocal rendition particularly the inimitable style significant to ghazal gayaki of Jagjit Singh who was to remain Tauseef’s true guide and mentor till his last days. It was Jagjit who imparted to him the invaluable training in not only ghazal recital but also vocal classical rendition – pinning him down to riyaz with his tanpura and making him practice only the first note ‘Saa..’ (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa) for long hours on end.

My Review
Aamad is an 8 song album, featuring Tauseef Akhtar and also singers Vidhi Sharma and Sunil Sajal. The album opens with the ghazal Woh Chilman Sa which surprisingly has electric guitar rifts woven into its melody. While listening to Aamad, you will surely learn more about Ghazals, while un-learning everything you thought you knew about this genre. The album is definitely a modern take on the traditional ghazal sound, and is a must listen for music lovers wishing to listen and explore different genres of music.

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