Artist Aloud: 3 new album releases featuring Faiz Khan, Raghu Dixit and Mumbai’s Finest

This week, we have three more very interesting releases from Artist Aloud featuring artists Faiz Khan, Raghu Dixit and Mumbai’s Finest. Read on for artist info and my review of each of these new releases.

Artist Information about Faiz Khan

Faiz Khan is a singer-songwriter whose music is hard to pigeonhole. The dreamy acoustic guitar led electro-pop may sound familiar, but his brooding yet youthful voice will surprise you with stories that belie his 20 years. Faiz finds solace in expressing himself through music – it is the truest form of expression in his head. When his feelings are in song, the things he goes through find a fresh meaning. That is why he is forever writing songs, on a trusty Martin acoustic guitar, his prized possession. Having begun writing songs since he was 17, his songs are snippets from his personal journeys, hopes, dreams, fears, loves and heartbreak. It is almost as if a young man unexpectedly offered you a window into his soul. With a view you just cannot tear your eyes away from. This is where it begins.

My Review of Faiz’s album The Beginning

There are just five tracks on the album by Faiz Khan: Tonight, Change, The Interlude, The Beginning and Drink Myself Away and the album opens with the haunting track Tonight. This is the first time that I am listening to artist Faiz Khan and yet his songs don’t sound like they have been created by a newcomer at all. The songs on the album all have a haunting vibe, and while it may seem that there is not a strong lyrical presence in them, they do have a very strong melody/music arrangement which makes up for it. As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to pigeon hole Faiz’s music into any category and so this album too, does not fit into a specific category, as it doesn’t represent only one music genre, but represents many together.

Artist Information about Raghu Dixit

Raghu Dixit is well known as the frontman of The Raghu Dixit Project, and more recently as the music director of Saif Ali Khan’s film Chef. Raghu is a progressive musician, and does not restrict himself to only one music genre or language.

My Review of Raghu’s album Jag Changa

Raghu Dixit’s album Jag Changa is packed with musical variety and has a mixture of Hindi and Tamil lyrics. While I am certainly not familiar with the Tamil language, The Rain Song and the album’s title track both have lyrics in Hindi. There are 8 songs in total on the album, all of which sound very unique, yet reflect Raghu’s overall prominent folk style. The songs are Parasiva, Rain Song, Jag Changa, Yaadon Ki Kyari, Amma, Lokada Amji, Sajna, Kodagana Koli Nungitha. Reviewing the album mainly from a music point of view, I feel that the overall sound is very upbeat, intricately layered and the arrangement of the music is very smooth and supports Raghu’s vocals very well. I most particularly enjoyed The Rain Song as it is a more mellow track, and has presented a different side Raghu’s vocals, against the backdrop of a wonderful guitar melody. The songs also have strong hooklines such as the guitar intro of Lokada Amji. The album will most definitely appeal to folk music lovers.

Artist Information about Mumbai’s Finest

Mumbai’s Finest are the first rap and hip hop collective from Mumbai, India. They are one of the oldest Indian rap crews and are pioneers of rap and hip hop in India. Their style is aboriginal and they are known for their authenticity, intricate rhymes and cut throat flows. They have been making music Independently since 2006 and have several accolades like collaborating with AR Rahman, Salim Sulaiman, Flo – Rida, Chamiliionaire, have won multiple awards etc. Mumbai’s Finest also have their own record label and a hip hop clothing line. They have helped empower the hip hop movement across India and are the biggest Independent Hip Hop Act From India.

My Review of Mumbai’s Finest THHM Street Mix vol. 1

There are 6 songs on Mumbai’s Finest THHM (the hip hop movement) Street Mix vol. 1 album. The genre is instrumental and the songs are as follows: Beat Box, Gali Kha, Lokal Train Flow, Azaad, Hypocrites, Posse Cut. As previously mentioned, I am not familiar at all with the hip-hop genre, yet I admire the rappers/singers who are bold enough to give strong messages through their raps. I enjoy watching a lot of Indian dance reality shows, and I can imagine those very dancers popping and locking to these tracks by Mumbai’s Finest. If you are a hip-hop fan, you will definitely enjoy listening to this album.

This week’s albums, are in complete contrast to each other, once again reminding us that music has no language, nor set form of expression. I may not always listen to all genres of music, as we often stick to what we know, but I am thankful to Artist Aloud for broadening my horizons and letting me explore all kinds of music genres! If you liked any of the new releases, don’t forget to share them in the comments.

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