SANAM: Listen to their first independent album the SANAM Revolution

India’s Fabulous Four SANAM have finally put together an independent music album the SANAM Revolution, which features 9 of their original compositions and 1 regional rendition. It has been a highly awaited album, and so SANAM fans can now rejoice, and can enjoy listening to the bands own compositions on all major DSP’s now in addition to the SANAM Youtube channel, where the songs were being released so far. While the band are well known for their renditions of Bollywood retro classic hits and new Bollywood songs, they have also been consistently releasing their own original compositions, the most recent being the smash hit Itni Door, which is also the first track on the album.

The SANAM Revolution album is available to buy and stream on all the popular music streaming and download platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn, Deezer, Gaana, Amazon Music, Joi Music, Wynk and the list is endless! You can listen to the album on any of these platforms, by clicking on the following links:


Google Play






The tracklisting on the album is as follows:

1) Itni Door
2) ‎Garmi Di Tu
3) ‎Jaanta Tha
4) ‎Ishstyle
5) ‎Aaja Aaja
6) ‎Agar Tum Suno
7) ‎Nazaron Ko Nazaron Se
8) ‎Khushnaseeb
9) ‎Shama Hai Jali
10) ‎Tumi Robe Nirobe

Incase you are new to the SANAM originals, here is some info about the tracks on the album: Garmi Di Tu is a pure love song in Punjabi. For the music video of Khushnaseeb, the band had featured their parents and close friends in the video. Their more recent originals Itni Door and Ishstyle will make the listener want to dance, while Aaja Aaja, Jaanta Tha and Nazaron Ko Nazaron Se will transport you into a world full of love. Agar Tum Suno has an anthem like feel to it, and even though it was composed a good few years back, the song was recently reworked to incorporate the fresh, distinguished sound of the band.

A special mention from the band for the track Shama Hai Jali: “There is a wave of change that India is experiencing. A country so diverse encapsulating over 1.3 Billion People, over 1600 Languages, over 100 Dance forms, multi-ethnic, multi-religious yet beating as #ONEHEART, day by day to realise the dream of a #NEWINDIA. The track Shama Hai Jali is SANAM’s endeavour to voice this revolution, that is burning in the hearts of today’s youth. To break stereotypes, to move towards a #NewIndia of their dreams. This song acknowledges that we all have a hero inside of us waiting to rise and take on every concern that bogs our country down. Through our little steps in our own personal capacity, we can move towards a #SafeINDIA, #LiterateINDIA, #EmpoweredINDIA, #CleanINDIA, #GreenINDIA and #HappyINDIA. The song is about the little acts of love, kindness and belief that can generate hope…CONTAGIOUS HOPE. It establishes that it’s never too late to contribute and that no contribution is too little.”

Tumi Robe Nirobe, is actually a SANAM regional, which means it has been sung in a language other than Hindi, so there really is also a lot of variety on the album! SANAM aim to spread love, happiness and awareness through their music, so enjoy listening to the album, and do share with me the platform you choose to hear it on and also your favourite song from the album!

…Apni Rhythm Pe Chalta Hai Ye, Karta Nahin Follow Zamana…! – Ishstyle SANAM

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