New Music Monday: The unique fusion of Indian classical and Western music, from musician Marcus Corbett

This week’s New Music Monday post is a rather special one. I have been recently introduced to a wonderful new genre of music which is a fusion of two existing music genres, and which to some might seem an almost impossible combination to achieve, but has been made possible thanks to the highly talented musician Marcus Corbett.

Marcus is a renowned musician from the UK, who has successfully managed to fuse Indian classical music with Western acoustic guitar in order to give the listener an entirely fresh sound. Marcus has not only submerged himself into the world of Indian classical music, but has also learnt to play the tabla and sing in Indian classical style so as to better incorporate the sound in his own music. While he is an expert acoustic guitarist, he has collaborated with several Indian classical musicians who have lent their talents on his album Every Little Spirit. Check out this short promo clip, to gain a better understanding into Marcus’s sound as well as a recent interview:

Marcus Corbett promo:

A recent interview:

For Songwriting Magazine

Marcus’s music has progressed on a much higher level, fusing Indian classical with an acoustic sound, despite its own limitations. His tracks such as In Deed showcase this fully.

Listen to Marcus’s work below, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below, as I cannot wait to share more from this incredibly talented artist.

Marcus Corbett Bandcamp

You can follow Marcus across Social Media on these following links:

Twitter @MarcusCorbettJi


and you will be hearing a lot more of his work here at Girl at the Piano!

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