New Music Monday: Introducing music composer Somnath Roy

One of my main reasons for creating Girl at the Piano was to be able to share the work of upcoming musicians who often miss out on the mainstream attention they deserve, and so after recently introducing the talented musician Marcus Corbett, it gives me great pleasure to introduce another music composer Somnath Roy (also known as Tattu).

Somnath Roy

Somnath Roy is a music composer and I will be sharing three of his compositions in this week’s New Music Monday. Somnath composes songs in Hindi, Bengali and English and also collaborates with other artists. The three compositions that you will listen to very much leave a lasting impression on you, once you have heard them.

The first one is a sad, melancholy Ghazal called Daag (translated as stain). While I am not an extreme listener of the ghazal genre, I did like the arrangements of the composition, as well as the suttle sound of the piano which blended well with Mansi’s vocals. Somnath is the music composer of Daag. Watch the video below:

Daag Song Credits:
Music Composer – Somnath Roy
Singer – Mansi
Lyricist – Farkhanda Razvi

Listen to the full song on SoundCloud

The second release Dum (translated as power), is a sports style anthem and has a very strong dance vibe to it. Somnath has composed and written the song, while Roma has provided the upbeat vocals. Watch the video below:

Dum Song Credits:
Music Composer – Tattu (Somnath Roy)
Singer – Roma
Lyricist – Tattu (Somnath Roy)

Listen to the full song on SoundCloud

The third release is Saiyaa (translated as beloved) and this is a romantic song which also has Somnath as its composer and lyricist. Singer Adeeba Akhtar has lent her vocals to the song which also has a haunting melody.

Saiyaa Song Credits:
Music Composer – Tattu (Somnath Roy)
Singer – Adeeba Akhtar
Lyricist – Tattu

Listen to the full song on SoundCloud

If you enjoyed listening to Somnath’s work, do let me know. You can follow him on all the social media platforms:

Facebook Facebook Page Twitter YouTube Instagram

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