Artist Aloud: 3 new releases from artists Chintoo Singh Wasir, Shipra Malhotra and Sam Christy

This week’s new singles from Artist Aloud feature the artists Chintoo Singh Wasir, Shipra Malhotra and Sam Christy. As always, I have listened to each single and will be reviewing them below, along with giving you all some background information on each of this week’s artists.

Artist Information about Chintoo Singh Wasir

Chintoo Singh Wasir is an eminent Sufi singer in the Indian music industry. With having over a plethora of live shows all over the world to his credit, Chintoo Singh has also accompanied legends from Jagjit Singh to Mehendi Hassan and has also recorded the rabab and guitar music for Shania Twain and Phil Collins. Although, he is a master at various instruments, he is prominent for using instruments like Rabab and the thumba.

My Review of Jagga by Chintoo Singh Wasir

When listening to the song Jagga for the first time, I had an almost instant liking to the melody and folk like sound of the song. This is the first time that I am listening to Chintoo Singh Wasir’s work, and I have to say that it has indeed left a strong impression on me. Chintoo’s vocals are effortless and aid the flow of the song. I feel that Jagga also has a strong middle eastern/arabic influence, especially its hookline and the melody while the lyrics seem to be mostly in Punjabi. If you are looking for a fresh sound to enjoy, I highly recommend listening to Jagga.

Song information of In Her Shoes

The story is written by Nupur Sandhu, (based on her case studies of Serenity Surrender) stage scripted and directed by Aarushi Thakur Rana would be staged under Prestigious Natrang Banner, headed by Padamshree Balwant Thakur, at Abhinav Theatre, Jammu.

My Review of In Her Shoes by Shipra Malhotra

When listening to In Her Shoes by Shipra Malhotra, I was pleasantly surprised by the length of the track being just 1 minute 39 seconds, yet the message of the song has still been conveyed well. We are often used to hearing the expression ‘you haven’t walked in my shoes’ and I feel that this is part of he message presented by Shipra in this uplifting composition.

Artist Information about Sam Christy

Sam Christy is an Event Organizer, Music Director, Traveller and a promoter of Love, Hope, Faith, Peace and Joy

My Review of Aseem Mohabbat by Sam Christy

This is also the first time that I am listening to artist Sam Christy, and I took an instant liking to the song Aseem Mohabbat on its very first listen. The song has meaningful lyrics and a light yet strong uplifting melody, which flows consistently throughout the track. While Aseem Mohabbat can be considered to have a devotional angle attached to it, it can also be thought of as a romantic song too. If you enjoy listening to uplifting, motivational music then I highly recommend listening to Aseem Mohabbat.

You can stream and download all 3 releases exclusively on Artist Aloud APP:

Songs are also available on iTunes, Wynk, Hungama, Jio, Idea and other WAP Platforms.

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