Artist Aloud: Reviewing 3 new releases

I always look forward to listening and reviewing new releases from the independent talent platform Artist Aloud. This week’s new releases are from the following artists: Anurag Dixit, Imcha Imchen and Rishabh Srivastava. Read on for song information details and my reviews of the new releases from these talented artists.

First up, we have three songs from Anurag Dixit: Tum, Tumko Dekha Toh and Tumhe Na Bhool Payenge.

Artist Information about Anurag Dixit

Anurag Dixit is one of the most promising talents on the Indian pop music scene. A singer-songwriter-composer all rolled into one, Anurag Dixit has become increasingly popular, especially with the young generation. This is evident from his growing popularity on social media where more than 10,000 people have become his fans. Known for his strong vocal abilities, Anurag’s talent for songwriting and composition is as impressive. He has written, composed and sung TV title songs and performed all across the country. Above all, Anurag is a trained and versatile musician with a wealth of arranging and producing experiences that have helped develop his signature sound: Original, refreshing, and moving!

My review of the song Tum

The song begins with a very uplifiting melody and piano rift before we are introduced to Anurag’s soulful vocals. The overall vibe of the song takes me back to the time when the Hindi independent music scene was very strong, and we would get to hear such romantic compositions on a regular basis. The arrangement of the song has been done very smoothly, and this makes the song easy to listen to; even if you are listening to Anurag for the first time (like myself), you are sure to take an instant liking to the song.

My review of the song Tumko Dekha Toh

Tumko Dekha Toh also has a happy, breezy and uplifting vibe to it. I have an almost instant liking to romantic songs in this kind of genre, as they leave you a good mood once you hear them. The whistling in the song adds a nice touch and provides a break between the vocals and music. The arrangement and singing style is very different to Tum and it shows another side to Anurag as a singer and composer.

My review of the song Tumhe Na Bhool Payenge

After listening to Tumhe Na Bhool Payenge, it is clear that Anurag’s style is an uplifting one. While Tumhe Na Bhool Payenge may have bittersweet lyrics, the song overall also has a positive and upbeat sound. I am looking forward to listening to Anurag’s songs in the future, as I very much enjoyed listening to these three compositions.

Artist Information about Imcha Imchen

Imcha Imchen (born October 31, 1997), is an aspiring Nagaland Singer/Songwriter/Producer. Imcha Imchen became known as a member of the Gospel pop band “Imchen Brothers”. The Group first released their Gospel debut album on 2010 at a very young age with the help and guidance from their dad who is a Pastor and a Musician. The album went out to be a commercial success in Nagaland which was later broadcasted in DD northeast channel.

My review of The Love Letter

This is the first time that I am listening to the artist Imcha Imchen. The Love Letter has a very international vibe and its lyrics represent one’s ‘first love’ kind of feeling. It is a happy song with prominent vocals yet little music and despite this, it works well together and gives us a modern take on romantic love songs.

Artist Information about Rishabh Srivastava

Rishabh Srivastava is a Singer Composer who specializes in composing strong melodies, his hits include Khuda Kare, Ishq se tu and Aadat nahi tum bin.

My review of Aao Mhare Des Mein

My regular readers will be familiar with some of Rishabh’s work, as I have previously shared his songs here at Girl at the Piano. This is the first time that I have heard a patriotic song from Rishabh and he has given a very fine composition. Aao Mhare Des Mein carries all the usual sentiments one would expect to hear when listening to a patriotic song, and is equally strong and melodious at the same time.

To listen to all of these songs, simply stream and download these and many more, exclusively on Artist Aloud app:

Songs are also available on iTunes, Wynk, Hungama, Jio, Idea and other WAP Platforms.

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