Artist Aloud: Reviewing new releases from Adil and Paloma, Arun Kumar and Tochi Raina

This week’s new releases from Artist Aloud, feature the duo Adil and Paloma, classical singer Arun Kumar and sufi singer Tochi Raina. The music genres that these artists represent include modern, classical and sufi. The first of this week’s new releases is the album Alonely by Adil Rashid and Paloma Majumder. Read on to learn more about this talented musical duo and also my review of their album.

Artist Information – Adil and Paloma

Paloma and Adil are a duo who make experimental electronic mood music for easy listening. The duo started creating music together since early 2016. When they started, they didn’t have any preconceived notion about the sound except that they wanted to incorporate electronic music with live guitars and pop/jazz vocal melodies. They do not limit themselves with petty barriers of language, genre or type. Paloma and Adil aim at exploring the unison between their thoughts, experiences and energies through their music, and hence they term it as mood music. They try to find that element of music where every song invokes a different feeling so they advise their audience to not come prepared and give way to their senses. Their music combines bits and pieces of who they are so it takes its course accordingly and the music and the creative process are both fun. The duo find it very difficult to define the specificity of their music but they want it to act as food for the mind, soul and body alike, to establish a synergy between them, to create a space free from the presuppositions that life brings fort.

My Review of Alonely (5 song album)

This is the very first time that I am listening to this musical duo of Adil and Paloma, and not only am I pleasantly surprised by their work, but I have also become their fan. We don’t have many music duos in the current music era, and that itself makes Adil and Paloma unique. As an avid listener of western music, I am always amazed when artists from India choose to sing primarily in English, and also use a western approach to their music. I very much enjoyed listening to Paloma who sings with ease and conviction. There is something about her voice which reminds me of popular singer Dido’s vocals. Each song on the album has been carefully created, and each track sounds very different. The song arrangements are smooth and flow easily, making them easy listening. My favourite track from the album is hold on (or let it go) as it has a real groove to it. I am looking forward to listening to Adil and Paloma’s future releases.

Artist Information – Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar is a trained professional and versatile singer having a sweet, melodious and romantic voice and can sing all types of songs. He is a professional and versatile performing vocalist (singer), giving music concerts all over India singing pure hindustani classical and also light music such as bhajans, ghazals, thumris, tappa, geet and other varieties of music in his concerts. He has studied under very eminent maestros of ‘Gwalior’, ‘Agra’, ‘Kirana’, ‘Bhendibazar’, ‘Jaipur’ and other styles / ‘gharanas’ of hindustani classical music and has evolved his own immaculate and soothing style of presentation which is an amalgamation of all above styles of music learnt by him. He holds a sangeet vishard and sangeet alankar degree (Masters Degree) in vocal music and has given over 100 concert stage performances all over India and had performed on many occasions for various and numerous Government concerts and have a number of newspaper and magazine reviews to his credit. His classical recordings of half hour each were telecast by Doordarshan National, Doordarshan Sahyadri, DD Bharati, Zee Jagran, Asianet, Gurjari, Lashkara, In cablenet TV and many Television channels in India and abroad. He has recorded over 3 dozen cassettes / albums for T Series music company comprising of light music such as film songs, version songs, bhajans, Mata ki bheintein, folk songs and so on. A pop album and a few classical vocal recordings of his had been released by Paradise music which were broadcast by radio stations and telecast on TV channels such as CMM, DD Metro, Zee Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and so on.

My Review of Raga Bhimpalas

While I am by no means an expert on Indian classical music, I must say that Arun Kumar has managed to add a very modern twist to the Raga Bhimpalas, especially through the musical arrangements. The song will most definitely appeal to those who enjoy listening to semi-classical/classical songs.

Artist Information – Tochi Raina

Tochi belongs to a small place in Patiala (Punjab, India). His grandmother was a sitar player, his uncle Ratan Singh was renowned violin player and his grandpa Akaali Kaur Singh was a saint. His learning experience extends up to 28 years in all kinds of music forms i.e. singing, instrument playing, composing etc. He learned music since his childhood but the right direction he got only in 1981. During his professional journey he has worked for jingles, musical shows for TV, Hindi films, stage shows etc and got huge recognition so far.

My Review of Sufi Acoustica (3 song album)

There are three songs on the Sufi Acoustica album: Sone Piya, Piya Milan ki Aas and Maan Dagar Dagar. Out of the three, Piya Milan ki Aas is my favourite as it has a very different arrangement with a piano intro and acoustic guitar interludes. Sone Piya and Maan Dagar Dagar are pure sufi compositions and will definitely strike a chord with sufi listeners, and of course, those who notice Tochi’s strong vocals.

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