Global Sound Group introduce their new Global Sound Directory!

London based music and sound company, Global Sound Group, have started their new Global Sound Directory site, with an aim to provide musicians with the largest network of music and sound professionals worldwide.

Global Sound Group specialise in music promotion, mixing and mastering, but often receive queries regarding other professional services. Although they are unable to provide all of these services, the company strive to help musicians to achieve their goals wherever possible, which is why the Global Sound Directory was started. Musicians can use this site to find and contact recording studios, booking agents, music photographers and many more locally or worldwide.

Founder and managing director of Global Sound Group, James Dyble, says, ‘We have created the Global Sound Directory to enable customers to easily find and connect with music professionals worldwide, our aim is to build the directory into the largest network of music professionals globally.’

Founder James Dyble

With hundreds of music professionals signing up each week and traffic increasing every day, the site is off to a very successful start and will no doubt become the go to place to find music and sound services both locally and worldwide. If you’re a music or sound professional your business could greatly benefit from being listed on this innovative new directory.

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