Birthday Special: Top 5 underrated songs sung by Himesh Reshammiya

As it is my favourite bollywood music director Himesh Reshammiya’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Himeshji!), I have dedicated a couple of posts to him throughout the month, to celebrate his work and highlight some of his underrated songs.

Many fans of Himeshji will know that during his peak era as a singer/composer, there were a series of soundtracks with Himeshji’s music, which simultaneously released. During this time, I feel that some of his songs as a singer got overlooked and now it is time revisit these forgotten gems.

The 5 songs which I have picked, are not only some of my personal favourites, but are also ones where Himeshji has excelled as a singer in each song. Let me know if you agree or feel the same about these choices, or have any other ones that you consider to be forgotten gems by Himesh Reshammiya.

Love You Unconditionally – Ahista Ahista

Love You Unconditionally is one of Himeshji’s finest love songs, which has a very raw sound with a musical backdrop that compliments Himeshji’s statement like vocals extremely well. We get to hear the power and strength in Himeshji’s voice in this track.

Rocky Rock the World – Rocky the Rebel

The entire soundtrack of Rocky Rock the World is one not to be missed, especially if you are a huge fan of Himeshji’s music. The title track is a big favourite of mine not only for the expressive vocals, but also for its melody and haunting intro which blends in with the melody of the song wonderfully. It is a passionate song and Himeshji has truly sung this one with a lot of emotion, helping Zayed Khan’s character Mere Din Banjaare Bheegi Shaam Suni Raat…

Yaadan Teriyan – Dil Diya Hai

Remix of Dil Diya Hai

This next track is my most favourite from the Dil Diya Hai soundtrack. Its a song which talks of yearning, love and regret and once again we are reminded that Himeshji is a truly passionate and emotive singer adding to the ever popular Himesh and Emraan Hashmi combo.

Kitna Pyar Karte Hain – Banaras

This next track goes without saying as it is a highly underrated one! Unfortunately the song released during the time of Aashiq Banaya Aapne and because Himeshji sang both tracks in a different style, Kitna Pyar Karte Hain went unnoticed. Himeshji is an extremely versatile singer and this fact often gets forgotten due to him singing in the ABA style more than this one.

Aafreen Tera Chehra – Red the Dark side

Aafreen is truly one of my favourite songs from the Red soundtrack. Even though the film itself is not worth remembering, its soundtrack is unforgettable as Himeshji gave us tracks like Aafreen, Aameen, and the soulful ballad Dil Ne Ye Na Jaana.

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