Somnath Roy (Tattu): Reviewing his latest release Proud to be an Indian (Desh)

I enjoy supporting musicians here at Girl at the Piano, and, I look forward to updating my readers on the works of the regular musicians, who feature here at the blog. Music composer Somnath Roy (Tattu), is one such musician whose work I look forward to reviewing, and his latest release is a patriotic number called Proud to be an Indian (Desh).

The song has been sung by singer Mansi, who has also featured on his previous tracks. What I found the most refreshing about this particular patriotic song, is the fact that it has been sung by a female vocalist, as some of the songs (patriotic) which I have heard more recently, have all been sung by male singers.

I enjoyed listening to the soothing piano melody, which carries the song in many ways. This too, is a new way of presenting a patriotic song, as using the piano as a solo instrument isn’t widely used in this genre. These kinds of songs tend to have slightly louder arrangements in order to make the message of patriotism that much stronger.

If you enjoy listening to patriotic songs then this one is definitely for you. If you enjoy listening to soothing melodies, then it is also for you! It is always wonderful to find a song that will attract different types of audiences. Enjoy this month’s release from Somnath Roy (Tattu):

Proud to be an Indian (Desh):

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