Artist Aloud: Reviewing two new releases from artists Sherrin Varghese and Dahekk

This week, I have two new releases to share from Artist Aloud featuring the artists Sherrin Varghese and Dahekk. Coincidentally, the main theme of each song is life and the ups and downs once faces during different stages of life, but from different perspectives. Read on for artist information and my reviews of the songs.

Artist Information about Sherrin Varghese

Sherrin Varghese is a multi-talented singer, pop-star and actor. In the past, he’s been part of India’s first boy band A Band of Boys who had 5 albums and 1 Bollywood film. Sherrin has 15 years experience in the business, as a professional singer, musician and entertainer. Over 700 shows old, he’s probably the only Bollywood singer who also DJ’s, pioneering a new genre called Bollytronica and he has also been touring the world with this new genre of music.

My review of Kya Raaz Hai Tu Zindagi

Kya Raaz Hai Tu Zindagi begins with quite a dramatic introduction, which almost has a build up, before you get to hear Sherrin’s vocals. This is the first time that I am listening to Sherrin’s voice and I am pleasantly surprised by the clarity and melodious sound of his vocals. The lyrics of the song focus around questioning the secret of life, before heading into a heavy electric guitar laden middle portion of the song. There is quite a lot going on in the musical arrangement of the song and so it can be quite daunting to take everything in the first listen, but once you hear the song a few more times, it does begin to grow on you.

Artist Information about Dahekk

Dahekk aka desi pitbull is a singer, performer, entertainer who give an experience of entertainment like no other artist.

My review of Baat Ye Purani

Baat Ye Purani is most definitely a song for the boys, as its lyrics reflect on their first sighting of a girl they like and so on. The song has a very upbeat and breezy vibe, which also makes it a perfect track for easy listening as Dahekk’s laid back vocals can definitely put you in a good mood. This also the first time that I am hearing Dahekk and this is why I love working with Artist Aloud, as not only do I get to listen to brand new original songs, but I also get the chance to experience the work of musicians of which I have never heard before.

To listen to all of these songs, simply stream and download these and many more, exclusively on Artist Aloud app:

Songs are also available on iTunes, Wynk, Hungama, Jio, Idea and other WAP Platforms.

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