Favourite golden oldie song: La Isla Bonita – Madonna

This month, my favourite golden oldie song is going to be La Isla Bonita by the Queen of Pop Madonna. She recently celebrated her 60th birthday and I felt that I wanted to give a tribute to this amazing musical diva.

I have been a fan of Madonna for as long as I can remember. Her songs such as Papa Don’t Preach, Like a Prayer and La Isla Bonita are just a few of my favourites. While to some she may seem to be highly controversial, to many of us, she is an iconic woman who has not only gone through some tough times, but has come out of them too, always reminding us ladies that we don’t need to put up with it. Madonna is one female artist who has successfully managed to reinvent herself and her music, time and again.

La Isla Bonita is a beautiful Spanish influenced love song, which shows Madonna as a singer in a more romantic light. The song always reminds me of the summer time. It has a beautiful light melody and Madonna’s vocals reflect this wonderfully. Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop! Enjoy this month’s favourite golden song and let me know if it one of your favourites too.

La Isla Bonita – Madonna

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