Listen to Ajay Gehi’s debut single Inside Out

While writing this article, I had been thinking of the correct way to introduce this next artist. It is not very often that I get the chance to meet actors who have singing dreams and so I am pleased to introduce actor Ajay Gehi at Jem Girl at the Piano!

Actor and Singer Ajay Gehi


I recently listened to Ajay’s award winning independent single Inside Out and I was one of many who was blown away by the deep lyrics of the song. Considering that Ajay’s main career path is acting (he has starred in many television ads, serials and the Bollywood films Maqbool and Raavan), I wanted to know what made him decide to create this song. Thankfully, he was willing to share his song writing experience with me and it is a very interesting one indeed:

Ajay: I’ve been writing since long and usually for myself. I’m usually up till late at night or till early morning writing. One particular night the idea of the song ‘Inside Out’ popped in my head. It was the song about duality of thoughts, yin and yang, right and wrong etc. Like Shakespeare asked the internal question “To be or Not to be is the Question”…everyone chooses to play what they are in the world but inside, people are different than what they play.

So on this particular night I started by writing my thoughts and it started rhyming and before I knew I had written 800 words without a scribble or deleting or scratching words off. After I was done I was amazed at what had just happened. I didn’t know what to do with it so I bounced it off with a senior journalist friend of mine at 3 am (as she was still working) to know, if it was any good and she immediately replied back saying “if you let these words die it will be a sin”. I wondered what could I do and then my long lost dream of starting my singing career popped up in my head. I used to have a band in college but cause my acting career took of, the singer in me took a back seat.

So without any budgets or any guidance I started designing the sound and recorded my song. Soon I was shooting for a feature film as an actor and found myself sitting idle on sets and the thought of shooting my video occurred to me. Whenever I was free I would change my clothes and mannerisms – from an older cop that I was playing in the film to a rap artist! I shot my video mostly from a cell phone and sometimes a DSLR basic camera. To edit the video I asked a editor friend to let me use his machine for one night and I edited it with him and the video was ready. Artist Aloud liked it and were happy to market it for me. And to my surprise, I won the “Best Independent Artist” at the Amma awards this year. Who would have thought all this is possible but as Shakespeare said ..” all worlds a stage ” : )

What an incredible song writing experience that is. Only few of us are blessed with such creativity and Ajay’s song is an example of that. The song is of the rap/hip-hop genre and I am sure this particular genre was chosen as it provides a lot more flexibility and freedom for an artist to express themselves clearly. If you enjoy listening to songs with meaning, then you will definitely enjoy Inside Out. Ajay has also recently written, directed and performed his first ever stand up comedy series which has been produced by Artist Aloud.

Disclaimer: the song features mild use of profanity in its lyrics. Please avoid listening if you don’t enjoy songs with profanity. Jem Girl at the Piano does not support music of this nature, however it is very relevant in the context of this song.

Inside Out by Ajay Gehi

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