Favourite Golden Oldie: Talk on Corners album by The Corrs

This month, for my favourite golden oldie, I have decided to choose one of my all time favourite albums Talk on Corners album by The Corrs.

This album released in 1998 and I was fortunate enough to see them perform live in concert for the Talk on Corners tour, at Wembley Arena, and since then, I have loved each of their following releases (including their most recent release White Light). The Corrs consist of three sisters Andrea (lead singer), Sharon (violinist), Caroline (drummer) and brother Jim (Guitar/Piano). They are an Irish band and have made sure their songs also have some influence of the traditional Irish melodies in them.

I personally love each and every track on this album and some of my top favourites include Only When I Sleep, When He’s Not Around, No Good for Me, Intimacy, Queen of Hollywood. I feel their music is real, pure, is a story within a song, and has the power to leave an impact on you. I often like bands who show a “seriousness” towards their music, as it always tells me that they are not just making music for fun, but are passionate about it too.

Enjoy listening to the full album below, followed by their amazing MTV Unplugged concert (I have watched it several times).

Talk on Corners album:

MTV Unplugged concert:

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